How to Clean Bird Cage Properly? Everyday Or In 7 Days

Why do we need to know "how to clean bird cage"? Is there anything especial that needs focus? Yes, because_

To stay healthy all the time, we keep ourselves and our surroundings clean and tidy. Though keeping our surroundings clean takes so much effort, we never back down. Because we know if we do otherwise, that will lead to some serious health concerns. And there is no exception for your bird.

If you want to keep your bird healthy and safe, you have to make sure that the place your pet bird lives is clean and germs free. And we know it is quite intimidating for someone who has just adopted the bird.

A disinfected cage is essential if you want to avoid seeing an avian veterinarian more often. But if you are someone who doesn't know how to clean bird cage, don't worry.

You need nowhere to go because, in this article, I will show you a few simple steps to clean your lovely bird's cage.

No matter even if you are doing it for the first time.

How to Clean Bird Cage Weekly? Sanitization Cleaning Inside and Outside

Weekly Sanitization Cleaning Inside and Outside of Your Bird Cage:

Cleaning your bird's cage is not something that is needed to be done on a daily basis. It is fair enough to do once a week or even in a month. But that totally depends on the size and number of birds in your cage.

But we recommend cleaning your cage on a weekly basis. Fix a date or a day once a week and clean your cage.

Take everything out of the cage:

  • Before you clean your cage, make sure there is nothing inside the cage.
  • Keep your birds in another cage or somewhere safe, or allow them to wander around in a confined area.
  • Take all the dishes, water pots, and accessories out of the cage because they should be cleaned separately.

Use a towel to clean the inside surface: 

Wipe out all debris, leftover food, seeds, and droppings from the surface of the cage using a towel. If you find anything on the surface that is not easy to scrape off, use sandpaper.

Clean the cage with water: 

Using hot soapy water to rinse all over the cage thoroughly. You can use a scrubber or a piece of cloth to remove everything.

Use disinfectant Spray: 

After washing the cage and drying properly, if possible, use a disinfectant spray to power up the cleaning. But, disinfecting the cage is a must when your bird is sick.

How to Clean Bird Cage Daily?   Sanitization Cleaning the Inside Materials;

Daily Sanitization Cleaning the Inside Materials of the Cage

When you intend to clean your Parrot's cage, you are not just cleaning the cage. You must also clean every other thing you put inside the cage. And all those things that are inside the cage, such as liners, food dishes, water pots, and other accessories, should be cleaned on a daily basis.

Cleaning the liners:

Most of the bird owners use newspapers or other papers as the liner of the cage. If you are one of them, consider changing the paper daily. You can use white offset papers for the liner of the cage as it is thicker than normal paper. You can put several layers of paper so that it can absorb the dropping and debris.

And if you do so, you will have to change only the top layers of paper. Plastic sheets are also being used for the liner. 

To clean the hard plastic surface, 

at first you have to wipe out the leftover food and droppings from the surface using a brush. Then wash it with detergent or soap. If possible, use hot water to wash the surface of the plastic liner.

And before you place it again inside the cage, make sure that the surface is dry and nothing on the surface.

Cleaning the dishes of Bird cage

Cleaning the dishes: 

It's highly important to clean all the dishes inside the cage on a daily basis. The food tray and water pot are the things that your bird will be in contact with all the time. And if you keep the dishes dirty, it will easily infect your bird with viruses and bacteria.

So you must clean all the dishes with hot soapy water leaving no spot or leftover food in the dishes.

But before that, 

rinse the dishes with water. You can also use a disinfectant spray after the dishes are thoroughly dried. Sometimes having a couple of sets of dishes will be very helpful. You can use one set comfortably while you are cleaning the other. 

Plastic dishes are more common and sometimes useful than steel dishes. Yet, stainless steel dishes are also satisfactory. So, you can use any of those.

Cleaning the accessories: 

Cleaning the other accessories is also important. For example, Birdcage accessories, such as an exercise ladder, birdbath, toys, seed catcher, and bird treat holder also required to be washed with hot soapy water.

It is the same way you clean the dishes.

Cleaning the surrounding areas: 

If you keep the cage somewhere in the ground, you must clean the area around the cage to prevent bacteria's growth. You can vacuum or mop the area around the cage ensuring no feather, leftover food, seed, droppings are left.

Don't forget to sanitize the area using disinfectant spray or sanitizer on a daily basis.

Final Words

An un-sanitized cage can lead to the growth of bacteria and viruses that threaten the bird's health and yours. So cleaning your 's cage is a must. I hope this article enhances your knowledge about how to clean a bird cage.

To ensure safety and to secure a healthy life for both you and your bird consider taking it very seriously. You can both follow the daily and weekly basis cleaning method.

But generally speaking, if you follow the daily sanitization or cleaning process, you can consider the weekly sanitization as monthly.

Helen Jenkins

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