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Blacksmithing Classes In California (UPDATED 2022)

I believe California is largely renowned as a film and technology powerhouse, but less is known about its traditional crafts culture. Artists of various mediums, including blacksmiths, live and operate throughout the state, with Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento serving as creative economic centers. For decades, blacksmithing has been a part of California history. Pioneers […]

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Blacksmithing Classes In Texas 2022 (UPDATED)

The craft of blacksmithing has always attracted me. After moving to Texas, I’ve discovered several facilities where one may study the craft and obtain the skills necessary to be a competitive blacksmith, whether you’re doing it as a hobby or professionally.Recently, I’ve been looking for the best facility providing blacksmithing classes that match the skill […]

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How to Make Money as a Blacksmith? CREATIVE IDEAS

In some ways, one could claim blacksmithing has grown significantly less financially rewarding in recent years. This is because of the advent of mass production spearheaded by the industrial revolution.A blacksmith’s business was crucial to a community or farm throughout earlier centuries. Today blacksmithing is more artistically inclined. Blacksmithing lost its industrial prominence over the […]

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