Top 13 Best Reflex Sights Of 2022 (Complete Buying Guide)

Reflex sights, also known as reflector sights, are optical sights that allow you to look through a glass element and see an aiming point or image that’s been superimposed on the field of view. This could be a red dot, a hologram or a crosshair.

One benefit of reflex sights is that they’re cheaper than prism sights. They don’t provide eye relief, but some consider that a point in its favor. It forces you to use both eyes while using the weapon, and you can hold your head in any position you want.

The best reflex sights are designed to fit your preferred firearm. A right choice will make it easier to track and hit the target without causing eye strain or other problems. 

What To Know Before Purchasing The Right Reflex Sight?

What Should You Look When You Purchase The Best Reflex Sights?

Every gun hobbyist or shooter knows how a good optic sight can make a great difference in shooting accuracy and fast target acquisition. There are several types of optic sights nowadays and features vary depending on the type and model. One of the popular optic sights for shooting is the reflector sight or reflex sight.

Reflex sights have been around for more than a century and have played a part in better and easier firearm usage. Reflex sights use a reflective glass lens to produce colored rays of light, or a reticle, from an LED for target aiming.

They have a simple design composed of two to three basic parts. namely the objective lens, light-emitting diode, and an etched diaphragm. They are optimized for simple utilization and fast target acquisition over short to medium ranges.

If you are new to shooting and are looking for an appropriate optic sight for you, a reflex sight is surely a good sight to consider. Keep reading as we discuss what to look for when you purchase the best reflex sights.

01. Quality

A good quality reflex sight should be waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof.

A good quality reflex sight should be waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof.

Shooting is an intense sport so weather factors like rain, snow. and fog shouldn't get in your way. That's why it is important to opt for waterproof and fog proof reflex sights.

Shockproof reflex sights are able to handle the recoil effectively. It also helps in ensuring that the parts will not be damaged or get loose through usage or accidental falls.

To check the quality of the reflex sight, always read the product description and customer reviews.

02. Reticle

There are two things to consider when it comes to reticles.

There are two things to consider when it comes to reticles. These are the colors and the sizes.

  • Color

Make sure that the color of the reflex sight is visible in a low-light environment. Also, imagine the color of the background where you are most likely to use the reflex sight.

Make sure that the reticle color can be of contrast to the background colors for good visibility.

  • Sizes

The reticle size is measured in Minute Of Angle (MOA). MOA indicates the amount of distance or range you can cover, as well as the size of the reticle. 1 to 2 MOA are considered small. 4 MOA is the intermediate size. 6 MOA is considered big.

The rule of the thumb is, the higher number of MOA means a bigger reticle.

Smaller dots or low MOAs are good for precision. They are good for long-range weapons.

Bigger dots or high MOAs are good for target acquisition but may lack precision. They are best for shotguns and pistols but not that good for long-range weapons.

03. Mounting

Many reflex sights are compatible with any type of gun rail mounting system.

Many reflex sights are compatible with any type of gun rail mounting system. Always check your gun construction first to see if it's compatible with the mounting style of the reflex sight you are buying.

Reflex sight models usually include Weaver or Picatinny mounts. Some models may also provide different mounting plates. All these mounting systems are good options. Choose one that is compatible with your firearm.

04. Parallax

Take note that not all reflex sights are parallax-free. The parallax-free feature is important because it allows you to move your head or change your viewing position without causing any reticle movements as long as the target is on the sight.

Make sure to take note of this feature when shopping for a reflex sight.

05. Durability

A durable reflex sight can guarantee longer usage so you'll get more value for your money.

A durable reflex sight can guarantee longer usage so you'll get more value for your money. You can check the durability by examining the build of the reflex sight as well as the material used.

I recommend reflex sights made with durable stainless steel and aluminum.

06. CQB Capabilities

Close quarter battles need fast movements, hence fast target acquisition. In this case, opt for a reflex sight with a high MOA.

Lightweight and compact sights are also ideal to ensure mobility.

07. Firearm Compatibility

Always choose a reflex sight that is compatible with the type of firearm you have.

Always choose a reflex sight that is compatible with the type of firearm you have.

Many reflex sight models are compatible with all kinds of firearms but some may not, so always read the product description or ask the seller.

Consider the compatibility with other firearm accessories as well. For instance, if you are using a magnifier, make sure that the reflex sight is compatible with it.

08. Battery Life

Battery life is important especially when you are out in the woods or in a remote place.

Battery life is important especially when you are out in the woods or in a remote place. Make sure to always check and take note of the amount of time the reflex sight can be used continuously.

Many reflex sight manufacturer includes the number of hours of usage in the box for specific illumination or light level. Automatic reflex sights that turn on when the gun is picked up consume more energy. Shooting under bright illumination like under the sun can also shorten battery life.

Battery types can also be important. I recommend the CR2032 battery because it is one of the longest-lasting batteries and can last for 50,000 hours.

Modern batteries can also be solar-powered.

09. Warranty

The warranty is important to ensure the quality and protect yourself from any expenses caused by factory defects or other causes covered by the warranty.

The warranty is important to ensure the quality and protect yourself from any expenses caused by factory defects or other causes covered by the warranty.

Warranties vary by terms and conditions and the time of effectivity. Make sure to get yourself familiar with all of this information.

10. Price

Reflex sight can be bought at different price ranges depending on the quality and features.

Nowadays, you can easily purchase entry-level reflex sight for about $50. Expensive reflex sights can cost up to $900.

So what is the best price for a reflex sight? My recommendation is $200 to $400. This price range gives you a good quality reflex sight without breaking the bank.

Our Top 13 Best Reflex Sights Review

01. Bushnell Trophy Model TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope


One of the biggest benefits of reflex dot sights is that they provide eye relief; this means that they prevent eye strain that can cost you your perfect shot. It has 11 different brightness settings.

You can adjust it using a simple to use external adjustment dial. 


One point in favor of this riflescope is that it can be mounted on almost any picatinny rails. It will work on many if not all pistols, shotguns, muzzle loaders and rifles.

You can even mount it low on non-AR-15s. 

However, it is probably one of the best reflex sights for ar15. This riflescope by Bushnell is weather-proof. It has waterproof O-rings to keep the optics dry even if you drop it in a lake.

The scope has been nitrogen purged to prevent fogging up. The entire assembly is shock-proof. Dropping it won’t break the glass. And the entire thing weighs less than half a pound, so it won’t weigh down your gun. 

Like many reflex sights, it has a very long battery life, and it is powered by the commonplace CR2032 battery. And it will hold zero even as it is dropped, knocked and sits in storage all summer. 


It isn’t really recoil proof, though it is “shock-proof”. Sometimes the brightness changes because the recoil shifts the brightness knob.

The lens quality itself is mediocre. It isn’t like a telescope mounted on the gun. 

  • Fits almost any gun
  • Weather-proof
  • Shock-proof
  • Brightness knob and location may shift with use
  • Lens quality is not great

02. Feyachi Brand Reflex Sight - Adjustable Reticle


This reticle has a 33 mm lens with a wide field of vision. It is unusual for offering a wide variety of sights based on what works best in that moment. This reticle has four different types of sights built into it. 


For example, it has both red and green sights. You can switch between dot, circle, crosshair and a combination of these three. And the sight provides eye-relief.

Furthermore, lens is parallax corrected. It has a sturdy rail mounting system. And it is easy to install. 

The unit is advertised as suitable for paintball guns, but it can be mounted on a few rifles and shotguns. This is one of the best cheap reflex sights on the market.

The manufacturer sells a wide range of related equipment like rifle slings and iron sights.

It is powered by a 3 volt lithium battery. This isn’t initially a problem, since the manufacturer provides one. Finding a replacement without buying a new sight is.

However, it is so cheap you may just buy a new reticle instead. 


The adjustment dial doesn’t necessarily stop where you want it, and it may change while you’re moving. This means the red dot could switch to a cross-hair and vice versa. And the reticle could move to the left or right of your zero. That can hurt your accuracy.

The lenses leave much to be desired. They’re surprisingly blurry, and they may fall out if the gun is dropped.

This is not a shock-proof rifle sight. 

  • Unusual for having multiple sight options
  • Easy to install
  • Lots of related accessories
  • Adjustment knob and reticle itself may move
  • Not shock-proof

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03. Field Sport Brand Red and Green Reflex Sight with 4 Reticles


This reflex sight by Field Sport has four different reticles as well as red and green lights. This aluminum reflex sight is lightweight and rust-proof. 


It comes with a built-in picatinny mount base. And it is easy to mount on a wide range of guns, including the AR-15. Zeroing it out is easy, too. It is water-resistant, but it isn’t water-proof.

It is shock-proof. It is held securely in place by a windage similar to an Allen head screw. Adjustments will stay locked in place due to that screw holding that setting. However, things will drift once you loosen the screws. The elevation knobs don’t always work. 


It isn’t a magnifying glass. It will show you what you’d otherwise see without the lenses. While it has red and green lights, they’re not very bright. It may not give you a bright enough setting to see your sight on a bright day. 

One common complaint is that the dots start to dim or stop after the gun has been fired a hundred times or more with the sight mounted to it. 

  • Multiple colored lights and reticles
  • Settings won’t change because you fired it 50 times at the range
  • Fits on a variety of guns
  • Shock-proof
  • Somewhat unstable when not locked down
  • May stop working after being used a few dozen times

04. Tacticon Armament Brand Predator V1


Tacticon Armament advertises itself as a veteran owned company, suggesting that they understand what hunters and self-defense advocates want in a reflex sight.


Tacticon’s V1 can put out a red or green dot, and you can adjust the brightness. It holds zero. It is sad that we have to mention it, but many other reflex sights don’t hold zero. It doesn’t have a magnifier, but the dot and the lens are clear. 

It is designed to work with iron sights. The manufacturer offers iron sights that work perfectly with this reflex sight. But you don’t need to use it with a parallax. It is water-proof and fog-proof. 


The hardware is poor quality. Things wear out as the rifle recoils. You’ll start to see the knob become less firm, such that after 100 to 200 rounds, it won’t firmly click into place.

After 200 to 300 rounds, the dot itself may disappear.

In other cases, the red dot will seem like an elongated oval because the lens isn’t perfectly aligned.

In other sights, it may flare, actually getting in the way. 

  • Both red and green dots
  • Fog proof and water proof
  • Holds zero
  • Poor quality control
  • May be unusable after a few hundred rounds

05. DAGGER DEFENSE Brand DDHB Model Reflex Sight


This reflex sight by Dagger Defense or DD has both red and green dots. It also has four different position reticles. Flip between them using a rotary adjustment knob. 


It runs off of a standard CR2032 battery. It uses a locking set screw to hold the adjustments in place. This reflex sight comes with two different Allen wrenches to make these settings.

That’s one more than most reflex sights. It can be mounted on a picatinny rail, but it is unusual in taking up as little space as possible to make room for other rail mounted accessories like flashlights.

The company sells a compatible picatinny rail mounted iron sight. 


There are issues with the lenses. Its single dot or crosshair may blur. The projection lens and primary lens may blur or flare, too. That’s separate from the glass slipping during repeated sessions on the range, though that’s an issue reported with other rifle sights.

That’s fine if you’re playing paintball but not good enough if you’re shooting on the range or going hunting. 

  • Takes up minimal space on your rifle rail
  • Uses standard batteries
  • Holds its zero and brightness settings
  • Blurry at times
  • Mediocre quality

06. Tacticon Brand Predator V2 Model Reflex Sight 


This rifle sight is unusual for having a 45 degree offset mount included. This is in addition to the four reticle patterns and two different dot colors. And you don’t need a parallax to use it. 


It is fog-proof and reflection-proof. It relies on 3 LR44 batteries. Normally, using an unusual battery type is a strike against a particular product. Tacticon gets extra points for not only including a set of batteries to power the reflex sight,

but they include a free spare set of batteries. The company also offers a compatible flip up iron sight with adjustment tool. But this reflex sight comes with a lens cleaning wipe. 


Recoil loosens the screws, and that can cause the settings to shift. The adjustment screw itself is prone to stripping to the point it will no longer hold position. The manufacturer says it is water-proof, but we’d call it water-resistant. 

The rubber seal isn’t always tightly glued in place. If water gets in, it will be ruined. Don’t use it in the rain or let it get submerged. 

  • One of the few reflex sights with a 45 degree mount included
  • Extra batteries included
  • Prone to screw wear that can prevent it from holding position
  • Not really water-proof

07. Vortex Optics Brand Venom Red Dot Sights


The Venom red dot sight is a premium rifle sight. For example, it has 6 MOA or minute of angle, while the next product tier has just 3 MOA. Note that an MOA is a sixtieth of a degree, making about a one inch difference per one hundred yards. 

This is one of the best reflex sights on the market, though you’ll pay a higher than average price tag to get that level of performance. It fits on both rifles and shotguns. At six inches by five inches by two inches, it has a relatively compact profile. 


It uses a CR1632 battery. The system is designed to make changing the battery a breeze. That helps power this smarter-than-average reflex sight. For example, the system is supposed to automatically adjust the brightness of the spot based on the ambient light level.

You can also choose between ten different brightness levels. The lens is clear and provides a wide-angle view, though it does not provide magnification. It puts out a standard bright red dot. No green dot option here. 


Battery life is short. And this isn’t an easy to find battery. That can even cause it to randomly turn off. While it is a high-end reflex sight, it doesn’t automatically turn on when the gun is in motion.

That is a strike against it when you’re buying it to use on guns intended for self-defense or hunting. The extra motion necessary to turn it on consumes precious seconds. 

  • Incredible accuracy
  • Compact design
  • Short battery life
  • Doesn’t have all the features you’d expect in a premium unit

08. Burris Brand Fastfire III with Picatinny Mount

41X N0ynSWL

It has a standard 3 MOA red dot sight option, but you can upgrade to a 8 MOA option. This makes the Burris fastfire III one of the best reflex sights for short range shooters and defensive applications. 

This reflex sight is also one of the few on the market that is compatible with almost all optics-ready handguns. This is arguably the best reflex sights for pistols. 


This reflex sight is lighter than average. It weighs just 0.2 pounds, when many equivalent models weigh twice that much. It is compact enough to be used as a primary sight or in conjunction with a primary sight.

The brightness sensor should automatically adjust the brightness of the red sight. You can also adjust the brightness level manually. A major concern with the earlier model is the fact that the on-off switch may be hit when you’re loading or reloading the pistol.

Now you’ve turned off the sight right before you’re going to use it. The Fastfire III eliminated this problem. Unfortunately, it automatically turns off after eight hours.

That’s a feature intended to extend battery life, but it can create issues for hunters and those carrying the gun for defensive reasons. It has a picatinny mount. 


You can adjust the elevation and windage without a special tool. The problem is that the adjustment controls don’t always work. 

  • Lightweight
  • Built-in brightness sensor
  • Option for ultra-high accuracy
  • Tool-less adjustment
  • Adjustment controls may not work

09. Sightmark Brand Ultra Shot Multi Red and Green Plus Reflex Sight


It has the relatively standard red and green dots and several reticles. This gives you eye relief. It has a weaver mount instead of the picatinny rail. 


This Sightmark reflex sight isn’t the most compact. At almost a pound, it is one of the heavier reflex sights on our list. So why did we include it? One point in its favor is the incredibly long battery life. The battery can last up to 1000 hours. 

The unit turns off after most shots in order to extend battery life. This could be a plus or a minus, depending on your intended application. It has a sturdy body that protects the lens. It has minimal parallax. It uses easy-to-find CR123 batteries. 


The QD or quick detach lever sticks out and can get in the way. The reticle selector switch is located under the bottom of the sight. It spins a little drum that spins the sight patterns. There’s “play” in the grooves intended to help you feel when you’ve selected a sight and hold it in place. 

This can result in sights that are off-center, and this may be to the left or right of the actual location of the target. In these cases, the reticle intended to improve your aim is getting in the way even though you thought it was zeroed. 

  • Long battery life
  • Uses standard batteries
  • May not be zeroed, may have play
  • Larger and heavier than average

10. CVLIFE Brand1x22x33 Reflex Sight with 2mW Gun Sight Laser


This is a laser dot reflex sight in addition to a standard set of reticules. It is designed for use on handguns. Forget the red and green dots – this one has a laser.


In fact, it has a 2 mW class 3A gun sight laser. That’s in addition to the reflex sight with four different reticles. Switch between them using a pressure switch pad and switch button. 

Note that the laser will burn through batteries rather quickly. It has a wide angle lens instead of a tube, giving you a wide field of view. 

This is ideal for moving targets and rapid-firing. It fits on both a Picatinny rail and a 20 mm weaver rail. While weaver rails are close in size, it isn’t the same, and trying to use a sight designed for a picatinny rail can cause it to be lose or have play due to recoil.

And we already mentioned that it can fit on pistols and handguns. That makes this one of the best budget reflex sights for sig p320 pistol owners. 


The sight may drift due to recoil. If you don’t re-adjust it, it will be very far off center by the end of the day. In other cases, the reticle goes out because the electronics break due to recoil. It is not shock-proof.

The remote switch doesn’t always work, too. The lens may be blurred. The sight can be hard to use in bright daylight conditions. This isn’t an issue if you’re using it on the range or at night. 

  • Fits on both 20 mm weaver and picatinny rails
  • Fits on pistols
  • Prone to drift due to recoil
  • May stop working

11. Holosun Brand Model HS510C Red Dot Sight

This is the best holographic reflex sight on our list. You can switch between a 2 MOA dot sight and a 65 MOA ring. You can also combine the dot and ring reticles. More importantly, it will hold zero even with heavy usage.

It isn’t going to drift while you’re out on the range. One of the benefits of holographic sights in general is that it is easier to reacquire a target. This reflex sight is designed to use as little energy as possible. 


It can run up to 50,000 hours on a single CR2032 battery. The manufacturer says it can be powered by a solar panel, as well. It is shock-resistant but not shock-proof. It has a built-in QD or quick detach mount, also known as a quick detach sling mount.

This allows you to use an attaching sling with the reflex sight. Unfortunately, the locking cam is of poor quality and doesn’t always work properly. For example, it can loosen while you’re in the middle of a shooting spree. 


One point in its favor is the shake and wake feature, where the sight should light up when you’re in motion. The downside is that it doesn’t always work. You can adjust the brightness.

Unfortunately, the higher brightness settings can create a red “splash” inside the lenses that interfere with sighting of the target. It doesn’t come with a riser. 

  • Holds zero
  • Low power requirements
  • Shake and wake feature doesn’t always work
  • Visibility made worse by brighter settings

12. Vortex Optics Spitfire 3x Prism Scope - EBR-556B Reticle (MOA)


This reflex sight is designed for medium range shooting applications where you need to catch the target as fast as possible. There are multiple lenses, each one of which has an anti-reflective coating.

You can switch between red and green lights to light up the reticle and you can use five different lighting levels. The reticle is etched on the prism, so it won’t drift. 


At half a kilogram or a little over one pound, this is one of the heaviest reflex sights on our list. At five inches by nine inches by three inches, it is a little larger than average reflex sight, though any prism sight is going to be smaller than a traditional scope.

However, this reflex sight comes with some unusual features. This reflex sight is unusual for having dual picatinny rails. This allows you to combine the reflex sight with an offset auxiliary sight. 

However, it doesn’t come with an auxiliary sight or 45 degree sight. As a prism sight, it is better for distance shooting than up close. It is shock-proof. It is advertised as fog-proof and water-proof. It holds zero.


Optics is mediocre to poor. It does not magnify your target, but that’s normal for red dot sights. In this case, the lenses in the sight may be blurry. It can be hard to bore sight.

While there are red and green lights, they are not bright enough for a sunny day. The hex screws in the rail mount are prone to strip with repeated firing. The design makes this a poor fit if you have an AR platform.

  • Dual picatinny rails
  • Holds zero
  • Designed for the range rather than a bright sunny day
  • Poor fit with AR-15s

13. EOTECH Model 512 Holographic Weapon Sight

The last gun sight on our list is a holographic sight. It isn’t cheap, but it is effective. It has both a 1 MOA dot reticle and 68 MOA ring. What do you want to mount it to? It’ll fit. 


It can be mounted on both one inch weaver rails and MIL-STD 1913 Rails, also known as picatinny rails. It is easy to install, too. Plus it will fit on the AR-platform, so it is a great choice for AR-15 owners. It runs off AA batteries. 

These batteries can be found almost anywhere. That’s invaluable given the fact that the unit has a short battery life. They extend the battery life by automatically shutting it off after several hours of use.

It doesn’t fog up. It is unusual in the fact that it will work even if the screen is cracked. It works well in low light and no-light (night time) conditions.


The reticles are too fuzzy for a sight that costs this much. For example, it may look pixelated when you look through the sight. The problem is compounded by the brightness buttons not always working, so you may not be able to get the reticle brighter in order to make sure you can focus on the target. It does not have a quick detach (QD). 

  • Count mount on almost any firearm
  • Uses AA batteries
  • It should be clearer than this 

FAQ's Regarding The Reflex Sights 

Q. What are reflex sights used for?

Reflex sights are used for shooting in close ranges. It allows shooters to acquire targets easily. It also helps determine the farthest range for shooting.

Q. How far is a reflex sight good for?

Reflex sights are ideal for short to medium distances. That is about 100 to 150 meters.

Q. Are Sightmark reflex sights any good?

FAQ's About the Best Reflex Sights

One gun magazine called Sightmark ultra shot the poor man’s red dot sight. Only one Sightmark sight made our top 13 list.

However, it is a good compromise between price and performance. The brand itself rates four out of five stars.

Different reflex sights made by the company range from two to five stars.

Q. What is the best sight in modern warfare?

The obvious answer is the Trijicon TA31RCO. The United States military has used the Trijicon ACOG model TA31RCO for years. It has 4x magnification and a 32 mm lens. This makes it a 4x32.

Q. Reflex vs red dot vs prism sight; which is better?

Which is better; reflex or red dot sight?

This is not an either-or question. There are three types of red dot sights: prism sights, holographic sights, and reflex sights. This is why the terms may be used interchangeably, since red dot sights include many reflex sights. But when you say “red dot sight”, most people are thinking of an exposed reflex sight.

The red dot sight is a type of reflex sight, so it's not easy to identify which one is better. It may also come down to the preference of the user.

Reflex sights are designed for near to medium range shooting applications. This includes self-defense and medium range shooting at the range. Red dot reflex sights are ideal for self-defense and tactical shooting.

Q. How much does a reflex sight cost?

The cheapest reflex sights cost less than a hundred dollars. You have to pay more for performance, added features, or the ability to mount it to pistols and rare gun sizes.

For example, expect to pay more for a reflex sight with motion sensors, extra-long battery life and advanced optics.

Q. Why are red dot sights so expensive?

Why are red dot sights so expensive?

The first reason why red dot sights cost more money than traditional iron sights is that you have to include a significant amount of technology. You have to have a light source and a power source for the light. The glass used in red dot sights has to meet a demanding and often contradictory set of requirements.

It has to be incredibly clear. It has to gather light without creating a “flare” when using a lighted reticle or laser. It has to resist fogging and not break when subject to stress, though it is going to experience significant forces every time the gun recoils.

That said, a basic exposed reflex sight costs around a tenth the cost of a holographic sight. Holographic sights are typically only worth it if you’re shooting professionally, because the small reticle is supposed to significantly improve accuracy. 

Q. How to mount reflex sight?

How to mount reflex sight?

Mounting reflex sights can be a little tricky especially for beginners. The mounting method could also be different from one gun to another.

First of all, prepare the materials you will be using. These materials include the Allen wrenches, Hex key, and your preferred rail system. These rail systems include Picatinny rail, Weaver mount, and mounting plate.

For long guns such as rifles, shotguns, and machine guns, tighten the screws and bolts of the compatible rail or mount on the firearm. Mount the reflex sight on top of the receiver end of the rail for more balance and stability. Secure the reflex sight by tightening all the screws.

For short guns like a pistol, you will need a mounting plate. The mounting plate replaces the rear iron sight and allows effective mounting installation of the reflex sight. Use a Loctite to mount the reflex sight.

Q. How to zero a reflex sight?

What are reflex sights used for?

The zeroing process of reflex sights may vary by model and type. Hence, it's best to check your reflex sight manual for zeroing instructions.

Generally, you will need to set your firearm on your preferred range. Then, position the firearm consistently having the center dot of the sight of the target.

Test the zeroed reflex sight by firing three to five shots. Examine the gun performance and perform additional adjustments when necessary. Keep doing the process until the reflex sight is zeroed.

Remember to always read the manual before performing any changes to your reflex sight.

Q. Can you use a magnifier with a reflex sight?

Can you use a magnifier with a reflex sight?

Yes, reflex sight and magnifier combinations can work well together as long as they are compatible.

Q. What reflex sight does the military use?

According to the military gurus' blog, military soldiers use the reflex sights like the Eotech HHS I. Military reflex sights should be parallax-free. have a wide viewing area, and allow you to open both your eyes and use your peripheral vision.

Final Verdict

The best reflex sights for the money will fit your gun, the conditions in which you expect to be shooting and your budget. The ideal reflex sight will support you whether you’re shooting at targets competitively, hunting, or planning on defending your home from intruders. 

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