Top 12 Best Parrot Cages Of 2022 (Reviewed And Guided)

When you have a pet, you're playing mommy. Taming a bird isn't like taming your cat or a rabbit. Animals can run wild in your home. For a parrot, it's a cage.

Now, you've been wondering why your parrot has been acting strange while it used to make your day. Your buddy was fun. Something's wrong, and you can't figure it out.

Well, it's probably because you didn't notice your birdy's getting bigger, and it needs a big cage, eh? While getting the best parrot cage can be a tough call, we’re here to solve your problem. We’ve picked the top 12 parrot cages available in the market.

If you think reading all the reviews can give you a hard time, you can simply take a look at the comparison table to know which one suits you best.

Top 3 Best Parrot Cages from 12 Choices

Our Top 12 Best Parrot Cages Reviews

We’ve done extensive research on multiple parrot cages. We observed which type of parrots suit comfortably in which type of cages. And we also took precious comments from the pet bird owners to reach our top products.

01. Prevue Hendryx Pet Flight Cage F040

Prevue Hendryx Pet Flight Cage F040(1).jpg

Have you got multiple species of parrots such as canaries, finches, and parakeets? Then get your hands on the Flight Cage F040 from Prevue Hendryx. Though it’s for avian species, small birds will have enough room to fly inside.

Width, length, and height

As it stands, it has a width of 20 ½-inch, length of 31-inch, and height of 53-inch – a lot of space to live happily for your multiple birds.

As such, the wire spacing of this cage is ½-inch, which ensures your peace of mind, as the parrot won't be able to escape out of it.

Made of wrought iron

This Flight Cage F040 is made of wrought iron, which makes it the best parrot cage so far. Thus, it’ll deliver outstanding enduringness along with stability.

Plus, if you want to place the cage somewhere else in your home, you can do that pretty easily. Thanks to the heavy-duty casters with the stand, moving it will be a piece of cake.

Tray and perches

It has an inbuilt tray at the bottom where you can keep the foods for your darling pet bird. This cage also has four plastic side cups along with 3 wooden perches.

Now that’s enough to maintain your multiple feathery friends.

Removable drawer and grille

Besides, you don’t want to keep your colorful bird in a dirty environment, right? That’s why this cage comes with a removable drawer and grille – making it easy for you to clean up the filths.

  • Width 20 ½-inch, length 31-inch, and height 53-inch
  • 1 ½-inch wire spacing to secure the bird
  • Made of wrought iron for ensuring durability
  • Ease of moving by the heavy-duty casters
  • Effortless to clean owing to the removable drawer

02. Prevue Pet Products Hammertone 3151BLK


If you’ve got small parrot-like cockatiels or budgies and you’re running out of space, you need to go for a smaller cage. With that being said, you can take the Hammertone 3151BLK from Prevue Hendryx. Though it’s small, it offers a handful of useful features for the refreshment of your bird.

Width, length, and height

It comes with a dimension of 18-inch width, 18-inch length, and 57-inch height. You can keep a couple of parrots in it without giving them the feeling of suffocation.

Plus, this cage has a decent 3/4-inch wire spacing, which is fine, particularly for cockatiels. Besides, we greatly appreciate that it incorporates a door lock that works by a push-button. So, your bird is totally secured in it.

Made of wrought iron

Aside from that, it’s made of wrought iron to make it long-lasting. And there’s a coating of non-toxic powder on it to resist corrosion and abrasion.

Now, the features that left us awestruck are its play top, four bowls made of stainless steel, two wooden made perches, and the cage stand. Your parrot is going to enjoy a very cheerful life in it.

Debris trays and grille

Moreover, with this Hammertone 3151BLK from Prevue Hendryx, you'll be getting two debris trays, one at the play top and one at the bottom.

Along with that, there’s a slide-out bottom grille so that you can do the clean-up in a breeze.

How easy to clean?

Not only that, but its seed guard will also help to clean inside as well as around the cage at ease. What’s more, you can move it from one place to another with the sturdy caster wheels without trouble.

  • 18-inch wide, 18-inch long, 57-inch high
  • Provides security by the push-button door
  • Durable for being made of wrought iron
  • Two debris trays for effortless cleaning
  • Caster wheels for ease of movement

03. YAHEETECH Large Parrot Bird Cage


Sheltering multiple birds can be easy if you get a large cage. But to keep them full of life, you need to provide the tools for entertainment. Well, that’s why we decided to introduce this large parrot cage from YAHEETECH. Its bells and whistles are going to knock you down with a feather.

A massive bird cage

First of all, it’s a massive cage with a length of 69-inch that offers a great deal of indoor space. Along with that, there’s a play area, 5 stainless steel feeding bowls, 2 wooden perches, ladder spread out both indoors and on the top.

All of them are going to give your bird an enchanting experience.

Bungee rope of polyester

Now the next thing can make your jaw drop. Yes, it includes a bungee rope for the parrot, which is made of polyester and metal wire so that your pet bird can play with it.

However, does any of your parrot tends to chew off the cage-like hell? Well, if so, then this cage fits the bill. Regardless of how hard your bird chew, this wrought iron made cage will force it to give up.

A non-hazardous

In addition, this large cage from YAHEETECH has a non-hazardous powder-coated finish. You, therefore, can fly away from the worry of rust and corrosion damaging it. And when your birds are in it, you can rest assured that they’re completely secured, thanks to the durable crescent lock.

Metal tray and handle

It’s a well-designed cage with a metal tray and handle to catch the feeds and droppings, and it slides out easily. It also includes a slide-out metal grille so that your parrot doesn’t get dirt by stepping onto their dropping directly.

So, cleaning it up will be a piece of cake for you.

Industrial casters

Nonetheless, this cage has 4 industrial casters for convenience of moving in case you want to change the surrounding of your pet birds.

  • 32.09”-width x 30.31”-length x 68.5”-height
  • Offers plenty of tools for enjoyment
  • Long-lasting, thanks to the wrought iron construction
  • Resists rust and corrosion owing to the powder-coated finish
  • Trays with handle for convenient cleaning

04. Vision M02 Bird Cage


Well, this M02 birdcage from Vision blew us away with its unique look. It comes with a pretty thin diameter, which is obviously to give it a sleeker look. And most importantly, this cage is pretty budget-friendly.

Apart from its matchless appearance, 

it comes with tree branch sprouts like perches. Their design really makes them stand out yet offering the utmost comfy resting platform for your feathered friends.

Plus, the base of this M02 cage from Vision has the capacity to house all sorts of litter. Besides, it integrates a debris guard so that no waste can get out of this cage, keeping your place neat and clean.

How easy to clean?

Moreover, whenever you feel the urgency of making it as clean as a hound’s tooth, you'll be able to do it painlessly. Just detach the cage from the base, which is as easy as ABC, and start washing.

Since it's going to be a shelter for multiple parrots, they need to be fed adequately and orderly. That’s why it introduces a double compartment feeder that can hold both seeds and water to feed a couple of birds.

Unlike others, 

this cage has a handle rather than caster wheels. As a consequence, you have to carry it and place it on your countertop.

  • 25-inches wide x 16-inches long x 34-inches high
  • Offers comfy resting place by the sprout designed perches
  • Debris guard to prevent the wastage from getting out
  • Detachable base for pain-free cleaning
  • Easy to transport by the carrying handle

05. ZENY Pet Bird Cage

51 QtE2ShNL

You’ll find many birdcages with massive space. But this pet birdcage from ZENY offers over and above others. So, let’s dive deep into it to know more, ok?

Width, height, and length

Well, the cage measures 53-inch in height with the stand that’s 25.2-inch long and 17-inch wide. Thus, it offers a good amount of space to keep several parrots such as Parakeet, Cockatiel, Finches, and Cockatoo.

The extra advantage of this cage that won our heart is its shelf at the bottom. Therefore, you can keep all the pet products on it for easy access whenever needed.

How easy to clean?

Plus, you have to keep your birds’ home clean for their well-being. That’s why the ZENY comes with a removable sliding grate so that you can do the cleaning without any difficulty.

As such, it's made of wrought iron, making it sturdy and enduring to withstand years of rigorous use.

Cups and perches

On top of that, there are four feeding cups and two wooden perches attached inside the cage. As a result, your lovely birds will be able to fill their stomach and take rest at ease.

360° swivel wheels

The stand has four 360° swivel caster wheels so that you can relocate or move it in a breeze. Nonetheless, it's ½-inch wire spacing to ensure that your bird doesn’t squeeze through it.

  • 53-inch height, 25.2-inch long, and 17-inch wide
  • Bottom shelf for storing pet products and stuff
  • Long-lasting due to wrought iron
  • Easy to move by the 360° swivel caster wheels
  • ½-inch wire spacing to prevent from escaping

06. SUPER DEAL PRO Large Bird Cage 2 in1

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As a pet bird owner, you must be acknowledged with the fact that parrots flap wings during exercise and when they feel happy. So, you need to provide them that much space.

Well, you can do that if you take the large birdcage from SUPER DEAL PRO.

How big is this cage?

Let’s first give you the idea of how big this cage is. It has a 61-inch height, 25.6-inch width, and 25.6-inch length. You get the idea, right? Your parrot can spread its wings fully in it.

Now, if we talk about something more beneficial, then the first thing is its seed guard that is going to keep your place neat.

Tray and grille 

Aside from that, its removable debris tray, as well as bottom grille, will make sure that you can do the cleaning without any hitch.

Here comes the part that your feathery friend is going to love the most. This cage comes with a top playing area that includes wooden perch, ladder, and 2 feeding bowls.

Physical activity 

This design will encourage more physical activity. Not only outside, but it also has 40-inch long perch made from genuine yellow cow wood.

This cage from SUPER DEAL PRO is going to give your bird the full joys of spring.

Besides, on each feeder door, 

there’s a bird-proof lock so that you can individually open it at the time of refilling food and water. It also integrates a large access door at the front for your bird to get in and out of the cage just like that.

Industrial casters

You may need to change the place of the cage during the renovation of your home. No worries, it has 4 industrial casters allowing you to move it swiftly without noise.

  • 61-inch height, 25.6-inch width, 25.6-inch length
  • Keeps outer place neat, thanks to the seed guard
  • Ease of cleaning owing to the removable debris tray and bottom grille
  • Promotes exercise by the top playing area
  • Large door for easy entry and exit of the bird
  • Effortless to move due to the 4 casters

07. Yaheetech Open Top Bird Cage 64-inch


Want to give your bird a cage that is exceptionally designed? Then try out this birdcage from Yaheetech. We can bet that you’ll do a double-take after looking at it.

Width, height, and length

Without the stand, it measures 36.5-inch in height, 18-inch in length, and 14-inch in width; 64-inch high with the stand. So, if you have small or medium parrots like monk parakeets, canaries, cockatiels, then this is the one you should get.

The element of surprise of this cage is its open-top design that’ll keep your birds energized. You can keep the roof open by the included perch and lock it up at your will to give them a secured home.

Incorporate entrances

Plus, this cage from Yaheetech comes with front doors that incorporate 2 small entrances. They are placed so that your small feathery friends can get into and out of it at ease.

Now, this deluxe birdcage has 4 polished wooden perches inside the cage along with a swing. Therefore, your birds will have all the necessary things required to play and rest.

Feeding bowls, doors and storage

Besides, there are 4 feeding bowls, and you can refill the water and seed pretty easily, as there are four feeding doors on the side panels.

You can also keep the bird seeds, cage cleaning tools, and toys on the extra storage shelf at the bottom of the stand.

How easy to move?

Changing the place can sometimes refresh the mood of your birds. That being said, you can hold its two handles placed on top to lift and move it wherever you want.

  • Height 64-inch, length 18-inch, width 14-inch
  • Open top design for stimulating the birds
  • 2 small entrances in order to provide safe passage
  • Easy to do the refilling by the 4 feeding doors
  • Two top handles for moving it in a breeze

08. Prevue Hendryx Pet Flight Cage


This brand produces such good quality and impressively designed birdcage that we can’t resist to place it on our list often. Well, let’s check out what this pet flight cage from Prevue Hendryx comes with.

Made of wrought iron

The cage is made of wrought iron, so it's going to last for years for sure. Not only that, but it also has a powder-coated finish to prevent it from getting corroded.

Got 2 or 3 small parrots? 

No worries, it is spacious enough to house multiple canaries or parakeets. Your birds can fly as well as move-in it without any difficulty.

As it stands, this flight cage from Prevue Hendryx has two large front doors along with latches. Thus, your birds won't face any problem while entering into it and will stay secure in it.

Capable for multiple birds

Plus, since multiple birds are going to stay in it, it includes four wooden perches inside the cage. Therefore, all your feathery friends will get enough resting place.

Besides, there are 2 plastic cups for feeding the birds.

Handle for easy movement

Moreover, this cage integrates the top handle for ease of movement. You, therefore, can either hang it or just lift it up to place it somewhere else.

One important aspect to mention about this cage is its deep base that collects the bird droppings keeping your floor nice and clean.

  • Durable and sturdy as it’s made of wrought iron
  • 36-inch high, 14-inch wide, 26-inch long
  • Ease of access by the two front doors
  • Effortless to hang or carry by the top handle
  • Deep base for keeping the floor clean

09. Vision L01 Large Bird Home


Most often, before picking a birdcage, you need to consider the behavior of your bird more than its size. With that being said, if you have lovebirds, canaries, finches, or budgies, then this large bird home from Vision is going to be perfect.

Unlike others, 

it comes with wavy pattern perches. This type of perches provides your birds with different points to grip, promoting blood circulation as well as preventing sore foot problems.

As a pet owner, you obviously know how frenetic eaters your parrots are, don't you? They eat less and spread the seeds more. 

Deep bass and doors

With this cage, you're going to get a deep bass that’s going to collect the foods without messing up your place. Plus, the L01 birdcage from Vision incorporates large dual front doors. They open up inside, creating a convenient landing pad.

As a result, whenever your birds return from an excursion, they’ll be able to easily enter the cage.

For multiple birds

Yes, it's going to accumulate a hell lot of dirt as multiple birds are going to stay in it. No worries, it boasts a no-drawer design by which you can detach the cage easily with little effort.

Nevertheless, this large cage is designed in a knock-down style so that you can do the assembly at ease.

  • 22-inches high x 31-inches wide x17-inches long
  • Promotes blood circulation by the wavy pattern perches
  • Dual front doors for simply entering the birds
  • Provides cleaning convenience by the no-drawer design
  • Easy to assemble for the knock-down style

10. Nova Microdermabrasion Large Bird Cage 


Apart from giving your beloved birds a spacious space, you also need to make sure that it’s safe for their health. Well, the large birdcage from Nova Microdermabrasion ensures both of them.

It’s a non-hazardous cage that you can offer without any worry.

A super-strong cage

It’s a super-strong cage built from wrought metal wires and frames. Not only that, but it also has an epoxy coated finish to make sure that it can house your birds for a prolonged time.

Whether you’ve medium or large-sized birds, this 68-inch birdcage has plenty of space to accommodate multiple birds at ease.

Stylish design 

As such, its stylish design will suit perfectly with the décor of your home. As it stands, this cage from Nova Microdermabrasion comes with a play top that includes a ladder design, perches.

Thus, your birds will get a scope to enjoy out of the cage playtime and developing relationships with you.

Convenience of cleaning

It always feels great if you get the convenience of cleaning. Well, that’s why it allows you to pull out the bottom grille as well as the debris tray for ease of cleaning.

By the way, there's a tray on the top play, which can also be pulled out for clean-up purposes.

Door lock and bowls

Besides, the front door integrates a push-button lock in order to provide security for your feathered friends. It also includes 5 stainless-steel bowls with 3 in the cage and 2 on the top for feeding purposes.

Now, you’ll be able to feed them pretty easily, thanks to the doors on each feeding bowls.

4 swivel wheels

You know you can cheer up the mood of your parrots by taking them on a short trip to your garden or yard.

Thanks to the 4 swivel wheels, you’ll be able to move this cage around without trouble.

  • 31-inches long x 29.5-inches wide x 68-inches high
  • Wrought iron and epoxy coated finish for enduringness
  • Helps to interact more by the top play design
  • Push-button lock to secure the birds
  • Effortless to move by the 4 swivel wheels

11. Mcage Large Flight Cage

Mcage Large Flight Cage

Well, this large flight cage from Mcage is another suitable place that you can give to your parrots. It comes with every possible feature – making it an ideal place for living.

Width, height, and length

If you ask about the size of the cage, then it has a length of 30-inch, a width of 19-inch, and a height of 37-inch. However, with the stand, its height is 64-inch.

The wire spacing is 1/2-inch, which is pretty tight to prevent your birds from squeezing through.

A strong structure 

No one would want to spend money on buying a new cage within a month. That’s why this cage boasts a strong structure made of wrought iron making it long-lasting.

And when your bird is inside the cage, you can chill out. That’s because the front gate of this door is equipped with an advanced lock which can’t be opened from the inside.

The living environment

Since it’s very important to keep the living environment of your birds clean, the cleaning process should be easier. Well, this cage allows you to slide out the bottom grille as well as the tray to do the washing within a snap.

Do you often forget the place where you last kept the toys of your pet friends? 

It’s not going to happen anymore, as there’s a bottom shelf on this cage on which you can keep the treats, toys, and whatever you want.

The stand has caster wheels that will help you transport it painlessly from one place to another.

  • Length 30-inch, width 19-inch, height 37-inch
  • Advanced lock on the front door to secure the birds
  • Cleaning is a breeze due to slide out tray and bottom grille
  • Extra shelf for storage purposes
  • Moving convenience by the caster wheels

12. Prevue Pet Products Divided Cage F070 


Last on our list is another cage from Prevue Pet Products. But this is the most uniquely designed innovative cage you’ll ever see for sure.

The most amazing part of this cage that’ll blow your mind is its divider. You can use it to make two separate cages for keeping smaller birds. Else you can remove the divider if you want to get a large birdcage. That’s truly impressive, isn’t it?

Two birdcages are possible

As there is an option for creating two birdcages, each one has a door with it. Not only that, but the doors have secure locks so that you don't lose your bird, unfortunately.

Plus, you can pull out grilles and trays at the time of cleaning. This option will make the cleaning process a lot easier for you.

Besides, like humans, 

your birds also need to rest, and the place they prefer more is the perches. Well, that is the reason this F070 from Prevue Pet Products includes four perches so that the parrots can take a rest and feel comfortable.

4 plastic cups are here

There are four plastic cups inside the cage also so that you can feed your birds with minimum effort. Furthermore, this cage is going to keep your pet birds for a long time,

thanks to its wrought iron construction.

  • 37 ½-inch long, 18-inch wide, 40 ¼-inch high
  • Offers to create two cages by the divider
  • Separate doors on each cage for convenience
  • Painless to clean up by the removable grilles and trays
  • Tough wrought iron made cage

Comparison Chart For Best Parrot Cages

Comparison Chart For Best Parrot Cages

Product Name


Caster Wheels

Prevue Hendryx Pet Flight Cage F040

Width 20 ½-inches, length 31-inches, height 53-inches


Prevue Pet Products Hammertone 3151BLK

18-inches wide, 18-inches long, 57-inches high


YAHEETECH Large Parrot Bird Cage

32.09 inches wide, 30.31 inches long, 68.5 inches high


Vision M02 Bird Cage

25-inches wide, 16-inches long, 34-inches high


ZENY Pet Bird Cage

53-inches height, 25.2-inches long, 17-inches wide


SUPER DEAL PRO Large Bird Cage 2 in1

61-inches height, 25.6-inches width, 25.6-inches length


Yaheetech Open Top Bird Cage 64-inch

Height 64-inches, length 18-inches, width 14-inches


Prevue Hendryx Pet Flight Cage

36-inches high, 14-inches wide, 26-inches long


Vision L01 Large Bird Home

22-inches high, 31-inches wide, 17-inches long


Nova Microdermabrasion Large Bird Cage

31-inches length, 29.5-inches wide, 68-inches high


Mcage Large Flight Cage

Length 30-inches, width 19-inches, height 37-inches


Prevue Pet Products Divided Cage F070

37 ½-inches long, 18-inches wide, 40 ¼-inches high


Things to Consider before Purchasing the Perfect Parrot Cage Buying Guide

Parrot Cage Cleaning Convenience

By this time, you’ve gained enough knowledge about parrot cages. And we may not be wrong if we say that you’ve already chosen one to buy. But you need to keep some important factors in mind so that you get an ideal cage.

Because in the end, it’s your parrot that needs to feel homely in it. So, we’re going to enlist those essential things down below. Make sure to follow them up.

1. Size

Look, size matters! It really does, even when you're getting a cage for your colorful bird. It should be big enough to fit the bird comfortably. Yet, the cage must not take a lot of space in your home.

Depending on the type of your parrot, you have to select the size of the cage.

Some parrots are considerably bigger; thereby, 

they need more room to stay. And if you can afford a larger cage, then it'll be more beneficial. The reason behind that is the natural habitat of parrots is big.

Since you can’t give that much space, at least select a cage in which your bird can flap its wings.

Look for the length

It would be better if you look for the length rather than the height as the parrot flies forward and backward. And if you get both, then it's awesome.

2. Material

Now, this is a factor that most pet bird owners do not give a really good thought. But it's really important. You’ll find most of the cages made of metal and plastic.

Now for metal cages, get something that doesn’t get rust over time. Because it possesses potential harm to your birds’ health.

Special coats

As well, some metal cages come with special coats, and it's on you to ensure that the coat is safe. Because parrots have a tendency to chew on them.

For plastic cages, make sure that it's pet safe.

Don't keep anything in the Cage!

You may know that parrots are pretty aggressive toward the wood. So, apart from the wooden perch, never keep anything in the cage that is made of wood.

3. Bar Spacing

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Perfect Parrot Cage Buying Guide

You obviously don’t want to lose your bird, right? Well, to ensure that it doesn’t escape from the cage, the bar spacing must not be more than 1 ¼-inches apart.

Otherwise, your parrot may try to squeeze in between the bars and get stuck.

Choose a big cage

Likewise, large parrots like to climb up and down. So, if you have a big parrot, get a cage that has horizontal bars as they represent a ladder-like structure.

4. Design

Now the design of a cage is particularly related to the entertainment of your dear parrot. Yes, you need to get a cage that provides the scope to attach several accessories and toys.

Since your pet is going to spend most of the time in the cage, toys will help it to remain engaged in playful activities preventing boredom.

5. Cleaning Convenience

Since your parrot is going to stay a long time in the cage, it’s likely to get dirty. And you need to clean it up often to keep it hygienic. That’s why you need to look for a cage that has removable trays in the base.

These trays are easy to remove, which translates to easy cleanup. And you can just push it back in the same place again at ease.

Frequently Asked Questions about Parrot Cages

Question: How big of a cage do I need to get for a pair of parrots?

How big of a cage do I need to get for a pair of parrots?

Well, you should get a cage that is three times wider than the combined wingspan of your pair of parrots. And the length should allow them a minimum of two wing beats.

If you can afford more, then it'll be better.

Question: Do I need to cover my parrot cage at night?

If you can provide a quiet, dark, and isolated area for your parrot to sleep, then you won’t need to cover the cage at night.

However, if you notice that your bird reacts to not being covered, then start covering the cage to stay on the safe side.

That’s because sleep is extremely necessary for a bird’s welfare.

Question: Where should I place my birdcage?

You can place the cage against a wall, as it’ll give your bird a feeling of safety. And you can even place it in a corner, as two walls will be against it.

However, don't place the cage directly in front of a window since storms, dogs, and hawks can scare them.

Question: How often do I need to clean my birdcage?

You can clean it up weekly or monthly. But that depends on the number and type of bird you have, plus the cage size, as well as how much time your birds stay in their cage.

You should give a deep clean once a week, but if the cage is for smaller birds, cleaning once a month would be enough.

Question: What happens if I don't clean my bird's cage?

If you keep the cage dirty for a long time, there are high chances that your birds will be infected with serious health problems.

So, it’s better to clean it at times.

Final Verdicts

As a pet owner, you want to see your pet bird on cloud nine. And truly, we want that too. Well, that’s the reason behind our tireless efforts for giving you the best parrot cage.

Now it’s your turn to pick the right cage depending on your parrot type, size.

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