Top 10 Best Horse Brushes Of 2022 (Reviewed And Guided)

Who says only hoomans (read humans) need grooming? Something beautiful as a horse needs to maintain its look as well. And if you own a horse, it’s you who need to play mommy.

Horses look dazzling if groomed properly. However, you always need to make sure you got the best horse brush for your buddy. Without the right one, you won’t be able to fix the fur getting tangles.

Want to get your hands on the perfect horse brush. Let’s take you on a tour.

Top 3 Best Horse Brushes from 10 Choices

Our Top 10 Best Horse Brushes Review

We have picked some of the top-rated horse brushes which you can either use for grooming and cleaning. Make sure to go down below to see which one is ideal for your loving horse.

01. Wahl Professional Mane and Tail Brush

So, the horse grooming session is very close, and you are in great confusion about choosing a specific brush with a reasonable price, right? Well, NO WORRIES MATE, because we are presenting a super-duper mane and tail brush from Wahl Professional, which you can get without breaking your bank, yep!

Talking about the built-quality, 

this particular brush is made of top-quality plastic with ball-tipped pins bristles to make sure that you can brush the hair of your horse with no unexpected scratches.

Though it's a mane and tail brush, basically, you can also use this stuff to keep stuck-on muds or dirt at bay from the whole body. AMAZING!

Too comfortable 

The grip it comes with is way too comfortable and lets you brush the entire body of your horse with zero hands fatigue. All the credit goes to the rubber-molded design. Along with the comfort, the ergonomic handle of the brush is friendly with both small and large-sized hands.

This product offers two adorable colors to choose from – black and turquoise. But the "exquisite black" is the one we are fond of most.

Only 5.43 oz. weight

We also like the weight it packs, it's only 5.43 ounces, so holding it for hours and hours will be a breeze! But here is one thing to remember, if you need a brush for serious cleaning instead of grooming, then this one is not for you!

  • The brush is relatively cheap
  • Equips sturdy plastic with ball-tipped pin bristles
  • An ergonomic ‘easy-to-grip’ handle for maximum comfort
  • Features ‘black’ and ‘turquoise’ colors
  • Weighs only 5.43 ounces in total

02. Mane and Tail Brush from Oster


With a stylish round shape, the champ from Oster comes with some excellent features to make it popular and versatile. The weight it has got is just around 0.25 pounds so that you can brush your horse's mane and tail with minimal hair breakage and fewer tangles or knots.

Ball-tipped pins bristles

This efficient horse body brush packs ball-tipped pins bristles in order to decrease the chance of scratching your loving pet's skin. Therefore, your horse will get maximum comfort while you brush on its tail and mane, thanks to the maker for adding this efficient thing.

Need a comfortable gripping area? 

The Mane and Tail Brush from Oster has got your back! It features an ergonomic control-tough handle molded with soft rubber.

This will let you brush the hair of your horse for too long without dealing with hand fatigue. Whoa, it fits with most of the user's hand as well!

Unlike the mainstreams, 

this one right here comes with a clever design, making it extremely good for brushing in different directions. The build quality of this stuff is pretty well.

What about the color choice? 

Well, you will get two different options to choose from, including blue and pink. And the price tag it packs is not that high also.

We call it the best horse brush considering all these facts.

  • Packs a round shape with a weight of only 0.25 pounds
  • Ball-tipped pins are designed to decrease the chance of unexpected scratches
  • A control-touch handle with soft rubber for user comfort
  • Capable of brushing in multiple directions
  • Available in two colors

03. Tough 1 Mane and Tail Brush

Wondering about killing two birds with one stone? Then, here is what you should pick up, the Tough 1 Brush. Not just for brushing, this particular horse brush is designed to erase dust or such type of things from your horse's tail and mane.

An unique design

The unique unibody design makes it super-duper, and a weight of 0.25 pounds makes it extremely portable among the users.

Colorful, inexpensive, flexible, you name it, the Tough 1 Tail brush comes with an ergonomically shaped gripping area.

Because of the soft rubber it comes with, 

this particular grooming item will ensure ultimate comfort. Have you got large hands? It's not an issue at all since the brush fits appropriately with all types of hands.

Like our previous pick, 

the brush includes ball-tipped pins for increasing comfort levels as well as decreasing the possibility of scratches. And good to know, it lets you brush the hair with less hair breakage and zero knots or tangles, pretty impressive, eh?

Well, to match with users' tastes, 

the makers have added so many colors to select, such as royal blue, red, green, purple, grey, and pink. There is an option to choose a single brush (pink color) or a package of several brushes; it's all up to you!

A bit weak

Unfortunately, the head of this brush appears to be a bit weak. So, you should stay out of providing too much pressure on it if you want to use it for years at a stretch, KEEP IN MIND!

  • Comes with a uni-body design
  • Weighs only 0.25 pounds with an attractive round shape
  • Soft-rubber handle minimizes hand fatigue
  • Shows off a variety of colors
  • Equipped with ball-tipped pins

04. Flex Finishing Brush from Tough 1


Here is an efficient model from Tough 1 that stands out from the crowd when it comes to flexibility. It features two flexible joints so that users can brush the horse's mane and tail in the best way possible.

Moving on to the size, it's pretty compact, and it fits perfectly with the palm.

An adjustable hand strap

In addition, the maker of this model has added an adjustable hand strap for ensuring a better grip while brushing. And guess what? The strap is skin-friendly and increases comfort levels as well. However, it may get a wee bit loose with rough uses.

It is as cheap as chips as compared to the traditional models out there.

A great advantage

Undoubtedly, it's a great advantage for those who are tight on cash. Despite being an inexpensive horse brush, it shows off a wide variety of colors; black, green, blue, purple, and pink. The item weighs only 0.4lbs.

When we talk about durability, 

the brush densely equips stiff bristles to let you reduce fine dust, small particles, or such things from your horse's body.

Since the grooming brush is much softer, it will be a perfect choice for horses with sensitive skin.

  • Sports two flexible joints with an adjustable hand strap
  • The range of price is pretty low
  • Users can choose from five exquisite colors
  • Seems very light because of the 0.4 pounds of weight
  • Bristles are too soft and suitable for horses with sensitive skin

05. Wahl Professional Horse Grooming Brush


On product number 5, we have added a versatile and one of the best horse grooming brush from Wahl Professional. It's undoubtedly a great option for brushing the whole body with no scratches, the credit goes to the soft bristles it comes with.

Now, let's talk about the handle. 

The Wahl Professional Grooming Brush is designed with a patented ergonomic rubber grip instead of typical plastics. The reason? Because it will increase your comfort level while you brush on the body of your horse.

A lightweight brush

The 0.58 pounds of weight is another plus of this particular brush. Even if you hold it for hours and hours continuously, you won't have to end up with hand fatigue at all. And thankfully, the entire handle will fit with your palm whether you have large hands or short.

A bit high price

The price it gets is a bit high as compared to our other picks, but it offers all the advantages that you require from a horse brush. Since it's a grooming brush especially, it will be a wise decision to keep it away from heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

  • Can brush the whole body without providing any scratches, thanks to its soft bristles
  • 0.58lbs of weight makes it comparatively light
  • An ergonomic rubber grip for better comfort while brushing
  • Made of skin-friendly material for safety

06. Great grip horse brush from Tough 1


So, now you require a horse brush with a solid grip for maximizing your functionality, right? If yes, then you should take a look at this one from Tough 1. The name speaks for itself; it has got a rubber molded handle to ensure a firm and comfortable grip while brushing.

Pretty much compact

The overall shape it gets is pretty much compact, which allows you to grab it with your palm with ease. With a stylish design and adorable colors, it can easily make a place in your heart.

It shows off a few different colors to choose from; these are purple, hunter green, pink, royal blue, and red. But we personally are fond of the exquisite "purple" since it is dirt cheap and attractive at the same time.

The soft bristles 

It comes with will let you brush your horse's hair without dealing with hair breakage, tangles, and knots. Even though the bristles are much softer, it can remove all specks of dirt and muds from your horse's body at once.

After some brushing strokes, the tail and mane will be beautifully soft and smooth.

Use with proper care

Remember, if you provide overpressure on the brush, the bristles can get separated from the handle. So, make sure to use it with proper care.

  • Rubber-molded handle ensures a great grip
  • Offers five different colors
  • An inexpensive horse brush
  • Brush equips soft bristles with 11.2 ounces of total weight

07. Oster Horse Grooming Brush – Synthetic bristles

This one from Oster is included for those who are looking for the best horse grooming brushes. It equips premium-quality synthetic bristles for brushing the horse body without any scratches and reducing small dust particles or muds in a breeze.

Comfortable gripping area

The gripping area it gets is way comfortable, and it's ergonomically shaped. It ensures a better grip and perfectly fits with most of the user's palm, whether it's large-sized or a bit small.

You can either choose between blue and pink, both of these colors are available on the current market.

The Lightweight Structure

We really like the lightweight structure it packs. The total weight is no more than 0.5 pounds for making it one of the lightest horse brushes out there in the shop.

With little hair breakage and zero knots and tangles, it will be a piece of cake to brush the whole body of your horse within a short period of time.

Along with that advantage, 

the animal won't get a single scratch from this brush since it is soft enough. But it will hurt a bit if the skin is too sensitive! Though it happens once in a blue moon, so there is no need to be so serious on this matter.

  • Synthetic bristles are stiff and pretty much durable
  • Features a cool-touch handle for adding extra comfort
  • Perfectly fits with both large and small-sized palms
  • Offers two different colors – pink and blue
  • Weighs around 0.5 pounds only

08. Oster Horse Grooming Brush - Natural Hog Hair


It's time to enhance the aesthetic and overall health of your horse with this affordable model of Oster. Unlike the previous model, Oster Horse Grooming Brush comes with natural hog hair instead of synthetic bristles.

It is stiff and lets you remove all the specs of small dirt and muds with minimal effort.

Like our previous model of Oster, 

it also has got around 0.5 pounds of weight for increasing portability while brushing. Additionally, it has included an innovative handle to fit palms of all sizes.

Extra flexible 

Besides, it adds extra flexibility and comfort on account of its control-touch rubber molded handle. Despite having plastic construction, it will easily last up to years, thankfully.

Blue and pink colors

Just like our previous model of Oster, it also gets two different colors to select, blue and pink. The blue one comes with a cheap price range; on the flip side, the pink horse brush costs a small fortune!

With this efficient brush, 

you will be able to brush the full body of your horse with zero scratches. Of course, you can experience the best grooming and better cleaning control by getting your hands on this horse grooming brush.

  • Horse brush has got natural hog hair for comfort and better cleaning
  • Weighs 0.5 pounds for improving portability
  • Cool-touch handle is comfortable and flexible
  • Offers two colors – pink and blue
  • Made of high-quality plastic material

09. Weaver Leather Bling Brush


Whether you require a grooming brush for regular uses or you just want to brush your horse's mane and tail for a show, this one from Weaver Leather is the right option to fulfill your requirements.

First off, it's an all-purpose brush, 

so you can use it for multiple purposes. Let's say you can brush the hair of your pet pretty smoothly, whether it is a horse, dog, or even a cat. 

Not only for brushing, but this little champ right here is also a better option for removing stuck-on dirt from the body, WOW!

With a Bling Aztec design, 

the multi-functional brush has only 5.6 ounces of weight so that you can keep hands fatigue at bay while brushing or cleaning your horse's body for a long period of time.

Thanks to the compact design, which makes it ideal for both small and large-handed persons.

Polypropylene bristles

The unique part? It gets polypropylene bristles for smooth and scratch-free brushing. But to be honest, it's not that comfortable for those horses which have sensitive-type skin.

The outer part of this brush is made of high-quality leather.

Different sizes and colors

Weaver Bling Brush offers two different sizes with a couple of different colors; as a result, customers can pick up their favorite one considering the tastes and requirements.

It’s time to add some extra shine and sparkle with this versatile brush for horses!

  • An all-purpose brush for a wide variety of uses
  • Weight is no more than 5.6 ounces
  • Comes with polypropylene bristles for efficient brushing and cleaning
  • Two different sizes are available – large and small
  • Packs three exquisite colors; Aztec Green, Chevron, and Black/Gold Stripped

10. Nifty Horse Brush from Intrepid International


To take all the specks of dirt or stuck-on muds out from your horse's coat, hooves, and blankets, the nifty horse brush from Intrepid International is one of the perfect choices that we can say.

As a primary material, this particular horse brush has equipped high-quality wood brush for ensuring maximum durability.

Great lightweight structure

Due to the 0.8 ounces of lightweight structure, anyone can get adequate amounts of comfort while brushing. Plus, the item has got stiff yet soft nylon bristles to brush the horse's mane and tail without any hair breakage.

The overall shape and size of this efficient brush are relatively compact, so it's clear that you won't have to face much of a problem to grab it with your palm.

On top of that, 

it offers a soft leather strap for which you can ensure a better grip for brushing or cleaning purposes.

Not just for horses, 

the nifty horse brush from Intrepid International can be applied to other livestock as well for grooming, including hairy dogs, rabbits, cats, etc.

  • Outer frame is manufactured with high-quality wood
  • Weighs less than 10 ounces
  • Nylon bristles are too soft and stiff
  • Size is relatively compact to fit with the user’s palm
  • Got a leather strap for a firm and better grip

How to Choose the Right Horse Brush?

Rubber-Molded Handle for Horse Brush

Sad but true, a beginner has to do a lot of struggle to get the most efficient product from the market. And when we talk about picking up the best horse brushes, it seems way too tough because the current market is loaded with thousands of different models!

Keep yourself away from stress because we are showing you some of the core factors right now, which will definitely help you find out the right horse brush that you were looking for.

Without more delays, note down the below-mentioned factors:

1. Bristle Material

To be honest, a brush is nothing without bristles. It is the most efficient thing designed to brush the body of the animal or remove the specks of dust, muds, or such type of things. So always make sure to choose the one with soft, stiff, and long-lasting bristles.

Synthetic can be a good choice in this particular case. Designed with hard bristles, synthetic is the only best thing to remove each and every type of dust from the body.

On the flip side, ball-tipped pins and some of the other natural bristles can be effective for brushing the whole body without any scratches, hair breakage, and tangles.

It Should Be Ergonomically Shaped!

The overall size matters a lot if you want to stay out of hand fatigue while cleaning or grooming your loving horse. If the size of the brush doesn't match with your palm, you won't get adequate amounts of comfort during brushing.

So, you should go with the one that fits accurately with your hand, whether the brush is small or large.

2. Rubber-Molded Handle is a Plus!

How to Choose the Right Horse Brush?

The handle molded with soft rubber will let you perform your task in a pretty comfortable way. So, whether the brush is made of wood, leather, or regular plastic, make sure that there is a specific area molded with rubber.

On the contrary, you can also go with the brush that equips a specific strap for ensuring a firm and comfortable grip.

3. Lightweight

It is also related to comfort, guess how? Well, let us explain in detail.

A horse is a pretty large animal, which is why a horse owner may have to spend more than an hour to clean or brush the whole body. So, if the brush comes with a bulky frame, it will be a real bummer to make the job done!

So, if you want to stay in a comfort zone while grooming or cleaning your horse's body, ensure to choose the one that equips no more than 11.2 ounces.

How to Keep Clean Horse Brush?

After completing the grooming session of your horse, it is a MUST to clean up the brush carefully. Definitely, it should be free of dust, mud, or these types of things for next uses.

How to Keep Clean Horse Brush

Things Required for Cleaning

The way of cleaning is not that tough; just ensure to get your hands on some of the essential things for cleaning, including –

  • Warm water
  • Shampoo / dish soap
  • Thin gloves (optional)
  • Towel / a piece of clean rag

Cleaning Procedure

  • First off, keep yourself out of your house
  • Ensure to pick all the horse brushes to clean together
  • Put on your gloves (if possible), remove stuck-on hairs and muds properly
  • Use a certain amount of shampoo or dish soap
  • Dip the brushes under the warm water
  • Wood-handled brush should not be kept for long under the water
  • Rinse them out by collecting some freshwater
  • Let them get dry for the next use

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q. Is it essential to wash off the horse brush?

Of course, it's a must to wash the horse brush off after uses. But make sure whether your product is friendly with water or not.

Some of the horse brushes with wood construction are not compatible with warm water. If it's made of plastic, then you can clean it up regularly.

Q. Which one is more efficient – synthetic or natural bristles?

Well, it seems like you are comparing veggies with fruits! Both have got some pros and cons, and both of these are great in their own way.

In a nutshell, synthetic bristles are ideal for removing stuck-on mud or dirt. Natural bristles, on the other side, are much efficient for grooming purposes.

Q. Should I brush my horse every day?

Nope, it's not necessary to brush the whole body of your horse regularly, but if you want to create a special bond between you and your loving pet, then it's not a poor plan to brush the body every single day.

Some experts recommend brushing the body after completing a ride in order to remove sweats, dust, muds, or such type of things.

Q. Stiff or soft bristles, which one is more reliable?

It depends. If your horse has got sensitive skin, then it is necessary to pick up the brush with soft bristles. On the other hand, you should move on to the stiff bristles in case the animal likes to get the scratchy feel.

Q. What is the best horse brush?

What is the best horse brush?

According to our research, the Mane and Tail Brush from Oster deserves to be the champion.

Bottom Line

We are done with the reviews of the best horse brushes. From the choices we have mentioned, any of one can be your final pick. We tried our heart and soul to provide you every nook and cranny related to horse brush so that you can know which is perfect for your animal.

As a horse-owner, keeping your horse well-cleaned is the only best way to boost its overall appearance.

So, ensure to cast the low-end models away completely and choose the right one from our above-written choices.

Helen Jenkins

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