Top 10 Best Horse Bows Of 2022 (Reviewed And Guided)

You are in the mounted archery for the last few months, and you've been training hard for this.

Today is your first match. Your friends, the family have come to witness your victory. They are screaming and cheering you up from the audience seat.

Well, the match starts, and throughout the whole match, you disastrously failed to aim the targets.

Damn, what rotten luck you've got!

Nope, we say it's not your luck, but rather it's your bow. If you've selected the best horse bow that is tailored to your height, strength, and skill, you would surely have achieved the victory.

Now, let bygones be bygones. It’s time to read the reviews and get your hands on the perfect horse bow.

Top 3 Best Horse Bows from 10 Choices

Here Are The Top 10 Best Horse Bow Reviews

Taking the best ones out of hundreds of models was not a bed of roses. Our experts spent hours and even went the extra mile so that you can get your ideal model.

Check them out below.

01. KAINOKAI Traditional Longbow Handmade


If you’re a left-handed archer, you probably know the difficulties of using a bow that is made for right-handed ones. With that being said, you should consider the traditional long recurve bow from KAINOKAI.

Yes, whether you’re a left- or right-handed archer, you can use it pretty easily.

The Handle is Built from Locust Wood

Plus, the handle of this traditional recurve bow from KAINOKAI is built from locust wood. It is also painted and polished, which makes it waterproof so that the bow doesn’t wear down that fast.

Besides, a stunning transparent epoxy is used to make its bow arm. And not only that, but it also has been wrapped in leather, making it enduring and strong.

It's Suit for Beginners and Experienced Archers

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced adult archer, this longbow will suit both users. The reason behind that is it provides multiple draw weights from 20-70 lbs. But you shouldn’t let it be used by the kids, as it’ll be tough for them.

Moreover, weighing 25lbs., it’s a lightweight bow that you can carry and use at ease. And since it’s a longbow, it's around 50- to 57.5-inches in length.

You’ll be able to achieve 28 to 33-inches draw length by this recurve bow.

Additionally, with This Bow, 

you’ll get single arrow target paper, one finger guard, three bowstring wax, three wood hunting arrows, and one bowstring. So, you don’t need to pay extra Benjamins.

  • Transparent epoxy and leather-wrapped to make it waterproof
  • Made of locust wood for ensuring longevity
  • Can be used by a variety of users due to multiple draw weights
  • Painless to carry due to 25lbs weight
  • Additional accessories

02. Longbowmaker Handmade Longbow Hungarian Style

Now, sports and hunting by using a bow are slightly different. That’s because animals have instincts that a target paper doesn’t have. That's why we bring you the Hungarian style longbow from Longbowmaker. People have been using this type of bow for a long time.

Unlike others, this is the best horse bow that is made of several materials such as beech, wood, glass steel, and cow leather. All of them make it pretty enduring for you to use for wildlife hunting.

It’s Made of So Many Materials

Hey, take it easy, just because it’s made of so many materials, it isn’t so heavy.  It weighs only 30lbs, which makes it a piece of cake to wield while riding the horse.

Plus, the body length of this bow is 54-inches, and the string is 51-inches long. Though it gives a 28-inches draw length, you can draw it up to 33-inches safely. So, pick it up and hit the bull’s eye!

Are You a Left-Handed Archer? Or Right-Handed? 

Well, this Hungarian style bow from Longbowmaker doesn’t mind whichever hand you use. Peace of mind, right? Aside from that, most people often struggle when it comes to stringing a bow. But you don’t need to worry, as it includes a detailed instruction manual with it.

So, there’s nothing to it.

  • Made of beech, wood, glass steel, and cow leather for enduringness
  • Weighs 30 lbs. for ease of carrying and use
  • Beneficial 28-inch draw length
  • Instruction manual to string the bow effortlessly

03. TOPARCHERY Traditional Recurve Horse Longbow


Looking for the top horse bow to hunt whitetails? Try out this recurve horse longbow from TOPARCHERY. It’s a masterpiece in the market of longbows due to its structure, comfort, and precision.

Let's first talk about its structure, which makes it desirable to most of the archers. While other bows use woods, its limb is made of fiberglass materials giving it a majestic look.

Not only the look, but it also makes it much stronger.

As It Stands, 

the handle of this horse bow is formulated with faux leather. As well, the riser is made of wood. You, therefore, will achieve utmost comfort while using it.

Yes, we agree that longer bows sometimes lower the precision. However, this 30 lbs. lightweight bow will help you to give your best shot without hurting your arms.

You’ll find many longbows but not like this one from TOPARCHERY.


It’s a 53-inch long recurve longbow that comes with a 28-inch draw length. So, you can focus on your target rather than worrying about snapping it off.

And if you’re a beginner, then we have good news for you. You won’t need to go through any sort of assembling process, as you’ll receive it put together.

  • Limbs made of fiberglass to ensure durability
  • Faux leather crafted handle for comfort
  • Doesn’t give arm strains due to lightweight
  • Less chance of break owing to draw length 28-inch
  • Totally assembled for ready to use

04. I-Sport Traditional Mongolian Recurve Bow 

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The bow is not only a tool for playing and hunting, but it also goes back to the past folklore and cultures. And if you want to get in touch with the past, then you should try out this Traditional Mongolian recurve bow from I-Sport.

Now, you won’t get the taste of an ancient bow if it’s made of a material like glass, or whatever, right? That’s why this bow is made of Sophora japonica wood that roots back to the very old days of history.

As well, it's durable enough to back you up for both hunting and playing.

It Offers a Transparent Epoxy Resin

Plus, this Mongolian recurve bow from I-sport has a transparent epoxy resin that blesses it with a resilient finish. Besides, it doesn’t wear if it gets exposed to moisture.

As a result, whether it's a dusty race field or wild forest, you can use it with peace of mind.

On top of that, 

you probably should know that a heavier bow creates more kinetic energy that increases the arrow speed. Thanks to its 50 pounds weight, whenever you shoot the arrow from it, it’ll pierce deep into the flesh of your prey to instantly kill it.

Aside from that, this bow is 56.6-inch in length and provides a safe draw length of 29-inch.

Therefore, you’ll get a little bit of room to play with it without breaking it apart.

  • Strong and long-lasting due to made of sophora japonica wood
  • Waterproof for having a transparent epoxy resin
  • Offers high speed by the heavy 50 lbs. weight
  • 29-inch draw length to shoot arrows at ease

05. Longbowmaker Pigskin Manchu Bow Handmade


Are you a beginner trying to learn archery? Then you can try out the Pigskin Manchu bow from Longbowmaker. It’ll help you with all the things you need to get your bowing skill to a new level.

To start with, it’s a handmade bow that is composed of multiple materials such as pigskin, cow leather, wood, and glass steel. So, you can rest assured that it’s a solid piece of tool that’ll survive for a long time.

Plus, the limbs of this Manchu style bow from Longbowmaker are covered with fiberglass. 

As A Consequence, 

It won’t wear out even if you go through a hardcore training session. By the way, even an experienced archer can use it too. Besides, its riser is built from the beech, delivering good speed with low hand shock.

Thus, you'll be able to get the best performance out of you with this.

Length and Draw Length

Basically, it's a longbow with a length of 54-inches, and it fits 52-inches string. This bow offers a 28-inches draw length along with 33-inches safe draw length.

So, you can fire the arrows pretty effortlessly without doing damage to the bow.

Our Recommendation

However, if you’re thinking about which hand you can use to shoot profoundly, then we suggest you wave your worry away.

That’s because it has been designed in such a way that both the right and the left-handed user can shoot effortlessly.

  • Made of pigskin, glass steel, and wood for perduring
  • Wear-resistant as it’s covered with fiberglass
  • Riser made of beech for delivering good performance
  • Safe to shoot thanks to 33-inches safe draw length

06. IRQ Traditional Horsebow Handmade


Now the IRQ brand that we’re going to talk about is known for its professionally crafted authentic replicas of traditional style bows. So, let’s dive a bit deeper into this handmade horse bow to know more.

Well, this bow is made of acacia wood. If you haven't heard of this wood, then you should know that it has a biological tendency to bend, which is good for a bow.

Aside from that, acacia wood is durable enough to survive against outdoor conditions.

Does It Resist Moisture?

Nonetheless, it has high powered epoxy resin covering that helps it to resist moisture. As such, fiberglass has been used to build its limbs, which is springy yet durable. As a result, you're going to shoot the arrows pretty fast.

Besides, if we talk about the look of this traditional bow from IRQ, then it boasts a classic look, thanks to the leather limb print surface.

Length and Weight

Plus, the length of this bow is 53.5-inches, and you'll need a 50-inches bowstring. It also offers 40 lbs. of draw weight, which is good enough to kill deer, whitetails. So, get on your horse with this and make your hunting season a history.

And above all that, the IRQ includes a bow tensioner by which you’ll be able to tension your bow just like that. With this bow, you’ll also get tendon silencers to greatly reduce the noise of the chord.

What is Included in It?

Additionally, you’ll get one bow arm guard, a horse bow with a string, a bow tensioner, one archery glove, and a pair of tendon silencers.

  • Strongly made by the acacia wood
  • Fiberglass limbs to deliver shots fast
  • Leather limb print for offering a classic look
  • Draw weight of 40lbs. to provide a powerful shot
  • Easy to tension the bow by the tensioner

07. ArcheryMax Leather Archery Traditional Recurve Bow 

ArcheryMax Archery Traditional Recurve Bow 20-80LBS

Do you want a bow that can give you a feeling of luxury? Well, then grab the Mongolian style longbow from ArcheryMAx. This brand is widely known for producing bows that are luxurious and amazing.

This bow is composed of materials like beech, wood, steel glass, cow leather, and pigskin. You, therefore, can easily realize how sturdy and strong this bow is.

Wrapped with Snakeskin

Plus, it is wrapped with snakeskin that goes in a spiral course through the length of the belly. This adds up a traditional décor for this bow. If you want a Mongolian bow, this is a must you should get.

As you know, the length and weight of a bow is a subjective matter. That's why the ArcheryMax makes it 54-inches long and 60lbs. of draw weight. With this, you’ll be able to produce a smooth and quiet release at ease.

Length and Weight

Plus, it offers a 28-inches draw length and 34-inches safe draw length. This safe draw length makes sure that you can shot at any distance as many arrows as you want.

Even if you're a beginner, you can shoot to 45 yards conveniently without the need for a holdover. And one more important thing is that you can use both of your hands to shoot by it.

  • Sturdy owing to the use of several materials
  • Gives a traditional look, thanks to the snakeskin wrapping
  • Allows shooting at any distance by the 34-inches safe draw length
  • Can be shot by using both hands

08. SinoArt S1 Recurve Hunting Bow

SinoArt S1 50" Traditional Recurve Bow

If you’re planning to go to a jungle for hunting, consider this S1 traditional recurve bow from SinoArt. It’s a short bow that’ll help you to hunt down your prey masterly.

Though the AMO length of this bow is 50-inches; with the string, it measures 47-inches, which makes it a shorter bow. Thus, even if you’re hiding in a tighter space, you can easily make the shot to your target with less elbow movement.

Weight and Length

Besides, this S1 recurve bow from SinoArt gives 30 to 50lbs of draw weight. It also offers a 28-inch maximum draw length. You, therefore, will be able to fire the arrows way faster as you won't need to spend time pulling the string back.

Plus, you can easily guess that this bow is pretty lightweight because of its short length. So, you can move pretty swiftly, keeping this bow on your shoulder while hunting.

An Important Aspect

One of the most important aspects of this recurve bow is its composition that includes rosewood, hard maple, and walnut. Thus, it gets the enduringness it needs to live in the jungle.

Moreover, this bow comes fiberglass laminated to make it unbreakable. Not only that, but it also maintains the stability and power of the bow so that you can get the utmost performance from it.

  • Easy to fire from tighter space owing to 47-inches short length
  • Short draw length allows firing faster
  • Helps to move quickly owing to lightweight
  • Made of rosewood, hard maple, and walnut to ensure longevity
  • Fiberglass laminated to maintain the power and stability

09. IRQ Traditional Set 65lbs Longbow

Just because you're going to hunt doesn't mean that your bow must look terrible, right? That's why we bring forward a beautiful piece of traditional wooden longbow from IRQ. We bet that you’ll be pleased as punch by its look.

The limbs of this one-piece wooden horse bow are made of premium quality cow leather and beech. It won’t warp or break, even if you shoot for countless hours.

How Is It Designed?

Plus, its striking riser is designed ergonomically with cow leather. Well, that not only provides an awestruck look but also gives a magnificently comfortable grip.

Length and Weight

Besides, the length of this traditional longbow from IRQ is 51-inches that comes with 65 lbs. draw weight. It also provides a 32-inches safe draw length allowing you to fire the arrows without a hitch.

Though it is equipped with a durable bowstring, with this horse bow, you’ll be provided with a bowstring wax. It’ll help you to lubricate and extend the life of the string.

Aside from that, a bow stringer tool will help you to set up the string easily and quickly.

In Addition to Them, 

you’ll get a single piece of arm guard, finger guard, and archery stabilizers.

  • Well-made limbs don’t break and warp
  • Delivers comfortable grip by the ergonomic handle
  • Durable bowstring to enhance the performance
  • Allows to shoot efficiently due to good length and draw weight

10. KAINOKAI Traditional Recurve Bow Laminated

Last on our list is another traditional recurve bow from KAINOKAI. This brand makes hand-friendly bows for the convenience of users. Whether it’s a child, teens, or adults, this brand has got a thing for everyone.

Now, this bow is completely made of natural resources such as bamboo core and woods. Besides, its edges are made more refined and rounded, unlike others. Overall, you’ll get an aesthetic look from this bow.

Thanks to Its Reinforced Limb Tips, 

you’ll be able to fire pretty swiftly by using it. Thus, you’ll be able to aim at a fast-moving target with great efficiency. The limbs are also laminated, allowing it to endure high pressure without the risk of splitting it into two.

Plus, the length of this recurve bow from KAINOKAI is 54-inches, providing up to 35-inches in draw length. This longer draw length helps your bow to fire faster.

Variety of Draw Weights

Moreover, it offers a variety of draw weights ranging from 15 to 55 lbs. Therefore, men, women, teens even kids can use it without facing any sort of difficulties.

And you can string and unstring it by using the traditional method. Else, you can use a stringer tool for doing the task at ease.

  • Made of bamboo core and wood to provide an aesthetic look
  • Shots efficiently due to the reinforced limbs
  • Laminated limbs to reduce the chance of split
  • 15 to 55 lbs. draw weight for different user convenience



Draw Length

Draw Weight

KAINOKAI Traditional Longbow Handmade

50 to 57.5-inches

28 to 33-inches

20-70 lbs.

Longbowmaker Handmade Longbow Hungarian Style



40 lbs.

TOPARCHERY Traditional Recurve Horse Longbow



50 lbs.

I-Sport Traditional Mongolian Recurve Bow



50 lbs.

Longbowmaker Pigskin Manchu Bow Handmade



40 lbs.

IRQ Traditional Horsebow Handmade


28 to 30-inches

40 lbs.

ArcheryMax Mongolian Style Handmade



60 lbs.

SinoArt S1 Recurve Hunting Bow



30 to 50 lbs.

IRQ Traditional Set 65lbs Longbow



65 lbs.

KAINOKAI Traditional Recurve Bow Laminated



15 to 55 lbs.

What to Consider Before Purchasing A Perfect Horse Bow?

Now, you can buy any horse bow from our list as you want. But before that, we’d like to give you some knowledge on the important factors that you must consider.

These factors are most common in all bows. Make sure to check them in your chosen item unless you want to put your money on the line.

What to Consider Before Purchasing A Perfect Horse Bow

A. Length

Your performance can be greatly affected by the length of your bow. That’s why you need to be very careful in this regard. If you’re a tall guy or have longer arms than usual, then you should always go for a longer horse bow. 

Generally, you’ll find most of the horse bow ranging between 68- to 48-inches. If you use fingers to draw the bow, then larger bows are going to be your best pal.

However, longer bows are pretty difficult to handle on a horse. They are a bit slower and not so accurate as the shorter bows.

On the Other Hand, 

if you’re a thumb draw person, shorter bows are perfect for you. The only drawback with the shorter bows is that the angle becomes too acute.

Because the angle is extremely acute, you’ll have to press your fingers altogether on the arrow that can cause fatigue during a long shooting session.

B. Weight

This is one of the most important features that you must carefully check out. Because the comfort level you’re going to get while using a bow is highly related to the weight.

Basically, people who have their shots under control go for the lighter bows. Because with lighter horse bows, you can maintain a good-release form.

On the Other Hand, 

people who don’t have accurate release-form and can’t aim the shot accurately pick the heavier bows. Greater mass helps them to do that.

Well, you’ll find both heavier and lighter horse bows in the market. You’ll have to try them out to get the suitable one.

C. Draw Length

If you’re a beginner who’s planning to buy a horse bow, then you should know your draw length. It plays a crucial role in delivering accuracy and proper form during archery.

That’s why the bow you’re going to buy should be compatible with your draw length. Otherwise, whenever you draw your arrow more than the limit, your horse bow will likely break and snap.

D. Type

Beginners who are new to mounted archery mostly use recurve bows because of their ease of use. You'll find two types of them – one is static, and another is working.

Well, they both have very slight differences. When you draw a static recurve bow, the tips of the limb remain still.

At the same time, if you draw a working recurve bow, the limb tips straighten. You can try either of them and pick the one you like.

E. Comfort 

We think that you know how comfort is a vital factor, right? Because without the comfort, you won't be able to even work with a cell phone, let alone a horse bow.

Well, that's why you have to check the grip of the horse bow that you're planning to buy. Since you'll always be on the move, you'll need a good and secured grip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the least draw weight I need on a bow to kill a deer?

What is the least draw weight I need on a bow to kill a deer?

Answer: As a rule of thumb, 40 lbs. of draw weight can efficiently kill whitetails, deer. And if you want to hunt larger animals like bears, moose, or elk, 50 lbs. or a greater draw weight is needed.

Question: How far can I shoot by 30 lbs. recurve bow?

Answer: If you have your form on point and the aim, then you can even hit a target from 60 or 70 yards away with 30lbs. recurve bow.

Plus, you can easily do your recreational target practice by using a 30lbs. of draw weight.

Question: How do I clean my bow?

Answer: Well, bows don't get that dirty pretty often. However, if you feel like that your bow is a bit icky, you can use a clean cloth to rub down your tool. It'll do the work, hopefully.

Question: When should I replace my bowstring?

Answer: Basically, that depends on the draw weight of your bow, and how do you maintain and how frequently you shoot it. If you maintain the bowstrings properly, they can last for three years.

Yet if you notice a broken strand or frays, then you should replace the bowstring.

Question: How many arrows to shoot per day to develop skills?

Answer: If you’re committed to upgrading your archery skills, first, you'll need to shoot 100-120 arrows per day, five times a week.

After that, shoot the same number of arrows but six times a week.

Final Words

We’ve really gone the extra mile so that you can get your hands on the best horse bow. Each of our bows will help you to enhance and improve your shooting skills.

If you follow up on our guidelines and test a bow before purchase, we are certain that you won't regret it.

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