13 Best Fan For Baby Rooms In 2021 (ONLY TOP PICKS)

Fans are an affordable way to keep a room cool at relatively low cost. They are a great way to manage humidity and prevent stagnation. If you have young children, good air flow will reduce the risk of suffocation and contribute to healthy skin.

We’re going to provide our recommendations for the best fan for baby rooms.

Top 3 Best Fans for Baby Room from 13 Choices



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Top 13 Best Fans For Baby Room Review

Let's see the top fans for the baby room on the current market today.

01. SkyGenius Brand Battery Operated Clip On Fan


When you’re reading best fan for baby room reviews, it is easy to focus on fans designed specifically for use with children.

However, there are other fans that perform as well and aren’t labeled as stroller fans. One point in favor of these general purpose fans is that they’re generally cheaper than fans made just for parents. 

Ready for child’s room

This small clip-on fan is designed as a desk fan, but it can be used in your child’s room. It has a tight enough grate that it will keep a child’s fingers away from it.

It has a large, solid clip that lets you mount it on a shelf near a changing table or connect it to their stroller.

General purpose portable fan

One benefit of choosing this general purpose portable fan is that it won’t look out of place on your computer desk.

This means you can use it at work or at home without looking strange, whereas you may be reluctant to keep a flower shaped fan after your child hits the age of three.


This fan is charged via a USB port. This eliminates the need for batteries, but it limits when and where you can charge it.

The battery built into the fan can only work for up to an hour before it dies. If the USB port comes loose or gets damaged, you can’t charge it at all.

  •  Can be used anywhere
  • Affordable
  • Charging and battery issues

02. Lasko Model T42951 Electric 42 Inch Oscillating Tower Fan with Nighttime Setting

This tower fan by Lasko is ideal for a young child’s room. The tall tower fan is a stable upright fan, though it is three and a half feet tall.

The fan itself is safely stored inside of the tower, so a child cannot reach into it and touch the blades. It can oscillate, meaning it can turn from side to side.

Greater airflow

This allows you to improve airflow through an entire room. It has enough power to cool down an entire room, too.

The classic design means it can be used elsewhere in the house without looking like you took it out of your child’s room. This is probably the best tower fan for baby room if you may be using it elsewhere in your home.

A Favor point

One point in favor of this fan is the night time setting. This allows it to continue moving air while minimizing noise.

It otherwise has three settings: high, medium and low.


Unlike some of the other fans on this list, it is not portable. It can make a lot of noise when it starts to wear out.

Then it is noisy, when the main point of buying the model is to get a quiet fan for your child’s room. The fan will stop oscillating when parts wear out.

This can happen within just a year or two of purchase, faster if you’re running it all day as well as at night. You may want to dust the fan vents, because dust tends to collect here.

  • Classic, timeless design
  • Stable
  • Child safe
  • Not portable
  • Only lasts a year or two

03. PELONIS Brand Model FS40-16JR 16-Inch Oscillating Pedestal Fan


This is a classic white oscillating fan on a tall pedestal. The pedestal for the mode we’re recommending is 16 inches. There is a different 18 inch version.

The fan by Pelonis can be angled up or down. It will oscillate or swing back and forth over an 80 degree arc. You can also aim the fan in a given direction and keep it there.

Interesting Feature

One interesting design feature with this fan is that it is can be controlled via a remote control. Speed it up or turn it off at the touch of a button.

Note that this fan only has a few speed settings, while other Pelonis fans have more fan speeds. This fan doesn’t have the digital readout that some of the higher end units have, too.

On the other hand, 

this is one of the best cheapest fan for baby room. This fan is very quiet. It won’t go above 50 decibels. That’s about the same noise level as standard conversation.

A fan at this noise level will drown out casual background noise for your child without preventing you from hearing a crying baby.

For comparison, a washing machine puts out around 70 decibels.


The fan has a remote control, but it is of limited use. It doesn’t have much range, and the buttons don’t always work. The fan is of mediocre quality. Its motor may wear out in just a few months.

It may stop oscillating or stop running altogether when this happens. The fan may have various speed settings, but it won’t put out a lot of air at the highest setting.

  • Quieter than average
  • Remote control
  • Short operational life
  •  High setting doesn’t put out a lot of air

04. Honeywell Brand Model HYF290B QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan


This tall, narrow, black fan is a classic though modern tower fan. It stands securely on its moderately wide base. This fan is available in both black and white.

We recommend the black since it won’t show dust as much. This unit has eight different speeds, and you can set it remotely via a remote control.

The Noise Level

You can set it at a lower speed to reduce the noise level. One point in its favor is that it is very energy efficient. It is more stable than the traditional fan on a narrow metal pole. 

A child could still tip it over if they were working hard at it, but they can’t tip it over by bumping into it or pulling on it a little. This fan is sold individually.

Companion shelf table fan

You can buy the best fan for baby room with a companion shelf table fan or a second discounted tower fan.

We’re recommending a single one, since that’s enough to cool down a single mid-sized room.


The multiple speed settings can create problems in their own right. If the switch breaks at a given level, the fan will never again go over that speed or may make horrible noise if you go over that level.

Quality control varies. It may be noisy from the get-go due to loose hardware. And given the fan design, it isn’t something you can fix yourself. It often has a low frequency rumble, too.

  • Comes with a remote control
  • More than half a dozen settings
  • Can buy related items at discount
  • Controls may break
  • Might be noisy no matter what setting

05. TaoTronics Brand Tower Fan

This bladeless fan is roughly three feet tall. It has a narrow footprint and a somewhat stable design. It will take up very little space while helping keep a room relatively cool.

There’s no risk of pinched or cut fingers due to contact with the fan blades, because there are none.  This is a bladeless tower fan. It is even ETL-certified.

Good Choice for Baby's Room

This is a good fan for your baby’s room. The fan can oscillate around seventy degrees. This means you can either put it in the corner and let it cool a room, or have it cool down a child sleeping in the crib. 

It will not cool off an entire room sitting in the middle of it. It has a moderately strong air output, but it may not be strong enough for some people.

Our Recommendation

So we recommend it as the best fan for baby room not  a big room. This fan has a built-in timer. You can set it to automatically turn off in up to 12 hours.

This can lessen noise and energy consumption. On the other hand, “sleep” mode is not much quieter than the other modes.


This fan requires some assembly, and that may pose a problem for parents. It doesn’t always ship with the necessary hardware. For example, it may not have all the screws. It has poor documentation.

We already mentioned that sleep mode is not very quiet. Some people are disturbed by the fact that the fan may adjust speeds while in sleep mode, either speeding up or slowing down.

  • Bladeless
  • Built-in timer
  • Meets high safety standards
  • Requires assembly
  • Limited coverage

06. Lasko Model 2510 Oscillating Tower Fan


This is a classic three foot tall oscillating tower fan. It is a bright white and has a small footprint. It produces a decent breeze.  It has a smooth oscillation.

It has roughly 90 degree coverage. That’s fairly normal for this product category. There is no remote control here. It is controlled via a control panel on the fan itself. 

On the other hand, 

it is unusual for having a built-in carry handle should you want to carry it to another room or put it in storage. It has three speeds.

That’s fairly standard. It is ETL listed, meaning it meets a higher than average safety standard like other best tower fans for baby room. 

Safety for your baby

For example, there’s a safety fuse built into the power cord. It is prone to generating a high pitched whine after extended use. This could prevent you from sleeping while the fan is running.

Furthermore, the fan isn’t quiet when it is operating as designed. It sounds like a box fan. It is too loud for those who want a quiet fan.

The problem only gets worse as you increase the fan speed.

  • Strong, steady breeze
  • Small footprint
  • Noise

07. Vornado Model 660 Large Whole Room Air Circulator Fan


This large fan is designed to circulate air throughout the room. Unlike tower fans, it can sit flat on a surface and hardly get in the way. Your child certainly can’t try to climb on it.

The fan design has a low center of gravity, so it won’t tip over, either. The Vornado name is a combination of vortex and tornado.

Our Recommendation

We’re recommending the large model due to the sheer volume of air it can circulate. This obviously isn’t suitable for blowing air on a child with diaper rash or taking a nap.

Instead, it should be angled upward to maximize air flow through the entire room. It acts similar to a ceiling fan in circulating the air, but it is portable.

Air to 100 ft. 

It can move air up to one hundred feet away. This is perfect for ventilating a room with nasty odors without opening a window. In this point, It will work like the best fan.

You can move it to another room in the house if necessary. You can control the air flow with the push of a button. It has four separate settings.

No remote control

There is no remote control for this fan like others on this list. It won’t work with smart home automation, either, unless you’re controlling that via a power strip.

The tight lattice cover prevents little fingers from reaching the fan blades, too.


This fan has a good safety fuse that prevents the fan from catching fire or generating sparks due to an overload. The problem is that it can be tripped by power fluctuations that aren’t a safety hazard.

Then you either have to find a replacement safety fuse (hard to find) or replace the fan. It won’t work without a replacement safety fuse.

The vortex feature is supposed to move a lot of air without making as much noise as a large box fan. In reality, it is just as noisy.

  • Moves a lot of air
  • Nothing to climb on or tip over
  •  Fuse problems
  • Noise level

08. Vornado Model 560 Mid-Size Whole Room Air Circulator Fan


This is another Vornado brand fan. This one is mid-sized, whereas the one above is the high volume model. This unit is also smaller in size, reducing its overall price.

This is small enough to sit on an end table or the end of a changing table. This unit has four speeds and is controlled by a simple button array. It's a super best baby room air circulator fan. 

Our recommendation

We’re recommending the black fan since this won’t show dust the way the white colored version of this fan would. There is no remote control. Nor will it work with smart home automation.

The vortex air output will move air in a room faster than other fans without requiring the same large surface area as a comparable box fan.


The model 560 is quieter than the larger 660 unit, though it is louder than a white noise machine. It will vibrate or rattle more than quieter models, as well.

The Vornado mid-sized fan may become unusable if the safety fuse burns out, and it could burn out due to random power fluctuations that won’t actually cause a short or create a fire hazard.

The motor may burn out after a year or two of regular use, too.

  • Compact design
  •  Significant air movement
  • Noise

09. Lasko Model 2535 Pedestal Tower Fan


This tower fan is a combination of modern bladeless oscillating fans and conventional tower fans. Standing up on a pedestal, you’ll maximize air flow in the breathing zone.

Being higher up off the ground, a child can’t simply crawl up to it and play with it. This is one of the best tower fan for baby room, if you don’t want a classic bladed fan.

A Bladeless Fan

While it is a bladeless fan, it can oscillate. This allows you to cool down an entire room. It has a remote control! Note that it has just three speeds in addition to on/off.

And there’s a built-in timer to turn it off automatically. The timer allows you to set it to run for anywhere from half an hour to seven and a half hours.

One more thing

One of the things you can control is the direction of the fan. Let it oscillate back and forth, and then freeze it in its current location to cool down one particular area. Few fans let you do this.


You may want to set it to turn off around bedtime, because it can be hard to sleep with the fan on. It is rather noisy. Compounding matter, it can become wobbly and thus noisier after several years of use.

It has a narrow air intake opening. This limits how much air it can bring in and thus push out if you put the fan in the corner. If you have it near an open window, it won’t pull in and then distribute fresh air very well.

  • Multiple methods to control it
  • Noise level

10. Black & Decker Brand White 16 Inch Stand Fan with Remote


This is a classic mid-height pedestal fan. It is 16 inches tall, so it can stand on the floor or on an end table. It weighs less than ten pounds.

It is corded, not battery powered, so it isn’t truly a portable fan. At roughly 22 inches across, it has a moderately wide face, allowing it to move quite a bit of air. 

Protective Cover

The tight white protective cover will keep little fingers away from the fan blades. It can be controlled via a remote control as well as the switch on the fan. 

Furthermore, it has a timer you can set for half an hour, one hour, two hours and four hours. You can manually tilt and angle the fan and leave it in that position, too.

Safety Certifications

When you’re reading best fan for baby room reviews, you should keep an eye out for safety certifications. This fan is ELT certified.

That means it meets very high safety standards, similar to those set by Underwriters Laboratory.


It has good air flow, but it is noisy. Don’t get this expecting it to generate gentle white noise. If anything is bent or any parts come loose, it will make a lot of noise.

Set it at a given speed, and it may vary speeds trying to maintain that setting. This variation will create noise in and of itself.

The fan doesn’t have issues with the protective fuses burning out. Instead, the motor tends to burn out. This is most likely if you were running it at top speed nonstop.

  • Compact design
  • Meets better than average safety standards
  • Noise

11. Lasko Model 4000 Air Stik Ultra-Slim Oscillating Fan


The model 4000L “Air Stik” is named for the very thin fan’s design. It is intended to take up a bare minimum of space. That’s even true when the oscillating fan is swinging back and forth. It is roughly 14 inches tall.

This fan is very safe to have around young children. They won’t be attracted to the moving fan blades because it has none. It is relatively quiet, though the unit whines at any speed.

The Greater Air Movement

It is louder at higher settings, but that’s partially due to the greater air movement. If you want to sleep, put it on the low setting. The Lasko fan is ETL listed.

This is a safety standard similar to the Underwriters Laboratory standard. It comes fully assembled. You don’t have to anything but take it out of the box and plug it in.

Oscillating fan

The best gray oscillating fan for baby room won’t show smudges or dust the way clean white plastic fans would.


The unit is controlled by a basic on/off switch. That is prone to breaking. If it does break, you may not be able to alter the fan settings.

At lower settings, you won’t feel much of a breeze unless you’re right in front of it.

  • Minimal footprint
  • Meets higher than average safety standards
  • Motor whine
  • Worse than average noise at higher speeds

12. Vornado Model 723 Full-Size Whole Room Air Circulator Fan


This circulator fan is made to cool down an entire room. It is also made to sit on the floor and send up a large volume of air to help you ventilate a given space.

This is in contrast to the model 783 fan that stands on a large upright stand. The model 723 is larger than the comparable Vornado 623 fan. You’re getting something several feet higher.

Protective Cover

The tightly wound protective cover prevents young children from coming into contact with the fan blades like one of the best fan for baby rooms. This is not an oscillating fan.

However, you can tilt the fan 180 degrees. It will stay in whatever position you leave it in. It has three speeds. You control it via a switch on the fan.

There is no remote control. However, you generally have to pay more for that privilege, so this is one of the reasons why this child-friendly fan is cheaper than average.

What Does the Manufacturer Say?

The manufacturer says it can send a blast of fresh air up to one hundred feet away. In reality, it will send a strong breeze up to ten feet away.

That’s fine for cooling down a child sitting in a playpen on the other side of the room but it will not work from the other side of the house.


The friction lock band that holds the fan in a given position can wear out over tie. At that point, it won’t stay at a 70 or 40 degree angle. Then you can only leave it straight up for facing forward.

In theory, you could open up the fan and tighten that band, but the fan uses non-standard screws most people can’t unscrew. You certainly can’t get a replacement friction lock band.

This Vornado fan is not quiet. Don’t buy it because you want something that won’t make so much noise it won’t bother your baby.

  • Set the angle and forget about it
  • Child safe
  • Noise level

13. GreenTech Environmental PureFlow Model QT7 Table Fan

This table fan by GreenTech is more high tech than average. Its eye-shaped design is novel, as well. It looks more like a surveillance camera than a desk fan.

This is a bladeless table fan. Bladeless makes it relatively safe for use around young children. Furthermore, it is very powerful given its small size.

Fit on a Shelf

The low height means that it can fit on a shelf, whereas other fans need to sit on the floor or a piece of furniture. This fan is incredibly quiet. It hardly makes any noise even those it has good air flow. 

Note that it does beep when you hit the buttons to alter the speed or turn it off.

It can be controlled with a remote control. It does have an LED blue light that lets you find it in the dark. For some, that makes it hard to sleep, if they don’t want it to serve as a night light.

No Camera

There is no camera in it, though it does look like a camera. It can rotate 90 degrees both vertically and horizontally. It typically stays in whatever direction you set it.


It may burn out or otherwise stop working without warning. If that happens, not even the control board will light up. In other cases, the oscillating motor burns out.

In this situation, it can move air but not swing side to side. The best fan for baby room reviews are not complete without a discussion of what could go wrong, so that you can plan for it if you choose to buy this fan.

The remote control sensor in this bladeless room fan is finicky. It may not pick up the remote control signal if the battery in the remote is weak. It can also be messed up by regular TV remote controls.

This means that your fan may stop working if you turn off the TV. It is less likely to alter its speed because you adjust the volume or change the channel on your TV via remote control.

  •  Quiet
  • Compact design
  • Stays where you aim it
  • Prone to mechanical failure
  • Sensor issues

What is the Best Fan for Baby Room?

The fan for a young child’s room will differ from the fan for your home office or living room. The perfect fan for baby room use will be as quiet as possible. It should be child-friendly if not child-proof.

For example, it shouldn’t be able to cut their fingers if they can reach it. That’s why some parents choose the best tower fan for baby’s room; it is already out of the child’s reach as long as they can’t tip it over.

How Does The Fan for Baby Room Work? 

It needs to be child-friendly if not child safe. If the fan is within reach of the child, it shouldn’t give them the ability to reach the fan blades.

If they can reach the fan blades, the fan blades should be so soft that they won’t harm the child’s little fingers. Good fans will be outside of a child’s reach while creating a constant, gentle air flow that improves air flow.

Where Can You Use the Fan in Baby Room?

What is the best place to put a fan in your baby’s room? One answer would be on the crib, gently blowing air around your child.

This can keep a young child cool at an age where their bodies cannot easily regulate body heat, and they lack the ability to push away blankets when hot.

The Amount of carbon

Increased air flow reduces the amount of carbon dioxide around them, something that can lead to labored breathing and increases their risk of crib death. 

Note that using a fan does not eliminate the risk that comes with laying a child on too soft a mattress or covering them in too many layers.

You may want to put a fan on the changing table. It can reduce the overall odor while helping to dry out their skin naturally.

No excuse for the safety of your loved baby 

Don’t leave the child unattended on the changing table. If your child has diaper rash, lay them down on a blanket or in the crib.

Then let the fan blow a steady stream of air over the skin. This can also help clear up heat rash. A portable fan may let you keep your child cool in their car seat or stroller, too.

 A fan near the diaper pail can push the nasty smell outside, though this doesn’t eliminate the need to keep the diaper pail sealed.

Be careful to dry up stains

Don’t dry up stains on blankets or the floor instead of cleaning them. Use fans to improve circulation and minimize your need for air conditioning, but it doesn’t eliminate the need to deal with the source of odors.

Final Verdict

The best fan for your baby’s room will be child-safe and easy for you to use. It is up to you to decide whether you want a small compact fan or maximum air flow.

You have to decide if you want to be able to control the fan via a remote or deal with the inconvenience of buttons because it is so cheap.

Only you know where you’d like to set the fan and how large the fan can be before it is too big for its likely home. 

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