Top 7 Best Electric Train Sets Of 2022 (BUYING GUIDE)

Every year thousands of children expect to get an electric train for themselves. As a sensible parent, you need to be sure about its safety and security before you provide them. Electric train sets are one of the most suitable options for kids nowadays.

Electric train sets are exciting and real fun to have. Getting the best electric train set can bring real happiness and smile in your children's face. A child can learn counting, problem-solving, and enhance their creativity through a train set.

If you look for an electric train set for your kids for the first time or want to replace the existing one- no matter, pick the best electric train this time.

There have a few brands available in the market. In terms of durability and features, not all are the same. Price varies significantly one to another. Creating some long-lasting memories with your child can be facilitated with a long-lasting electric train set.

I have already researched and collected some real-life using experiences before selecting the top electric train set to facilitate your search.

So let's dive in!

Top 3 Best Electric Train Sets from Our 7 Choices

Our Top 7 Best Electric Train Sets Review

01. Bachmann Trains - Rail Chief Ready to Run


Bachmann is one of the leading toy-making companies for the last few decades. They started their business back in 1833. They became popular because of their exclusive designs and safety kits.

This Bachmann Train is undoubtedly an excellent choice for beginners. If you are set to buy the first train set for your children, consider this one strongly.

Diesel locomotive engine

This electric train set comes with a diesel locomotive engine with an operating headlight. It also includes steel reefer, Off-Set Cupola Caboose, Gondola, and Quad Hopper. Besides these, Bachmann Rail Chief takes street signs, railroad signs, telephone pole, and miniature figures in.

The interesting part about the headlight is that its brightness solely depends on your train's speed. The faster the speed, the brighter the light.

All the five popular scales

Bachmann train exclusively offers all the five popular scales; N, HO, On30, O, and Large Scale. If you seek a train set that would be secure and safe for your 4/5 years kid, you can consider this.

Assembling and maintaining this train set is so easy. A four or five-years old kid can easily handle and take care of it.

Designed with 12 pieces

This plastic made train set is designed with 12 pieces of 30° 18" radius EZ-Track (curved track), along with two 9" straight pieces. The speed of this train is moderate, not too fast or slow.

Many of you ask a pretty interesting question, "Well, does it make any train sound?" – haha, it doesn't have any whistles or siren. But don't get disappointed; you will have a different type of sound that brings the real taste of a train.

Controller works accordingly

On top of that, it comes with a controller. This is nothing fancy, but it works accordingly. Its transformer allows you to control the speed and train's direction. You can control it toward forward and backward. This is interesting!

  • Great design
  • Easy assembling and maintenance
  • E-Z Track assembly is seamless
  • Lights without sounds
  • Analog locomotive and is not DCC-equipped

02. Battery Operated Electric Classic Model Train

When it comes to power and durability, this classic electric train is no longer in competition with others. This is the most suitable option if you look for durability and rough use.

This train set is made under the intense supervision of Altasonix experts. One of the unique features of this classic model train is it is designed with 4 model horses and 3 car engines.

Design and durable 

The horses alongside the train cars increase train's beauty and lucrativeness. A number of kids in the United States use this locomotive train due to its classic design and durable nature.

This train set is exceptionally easy to assemble. Place the bright colored engine first and then other train cars gradually.

The sound and lights it comes with make it more exciting and entertaining. It only requires 2AA batteries.

How to teach your kids history?

The bonus point of getting this train set is you can use it to teach your kids history. Let me explain how. Once upon a time, there was no internet, no TV or smartphones but trains. People used to travel all around the world by trains and ships. The whole industrial word was dependent on it.

Thus, you can explain to your children how the time has been changed.

Our recommendation

Lastly, I recommend this product because of the manufacturer's sincerity and top-notch service. If you face any issue regarding the product itself, they will come across as soon as possible to fix the problem.

So overall, in this budget, this is an excellent pick for sure.

  • A real taste of classic train
  • Exciting sound and lighting
  • Affordable price
  • Durable and strong
  • Easy to assemble

3. Bachmann Trains - Santa Fe Flyer Ready To Run Electric Train Set - HO Scale


Bachmann Trains lived up to its expectation for the electric train sets. This is a complete ready to run freight train set.

Since Bachmann arrived in 1833, they are renowned for their innovative design and high-quality accessories. Currently, they are the largest ready to run electric train set provider in the world.

EMD Diesel locomotive power

That's because a mighty EMD Diesel locomotive powers the train, it runs with some authority. It also includes an open quad hopper, offset cupola caboose, gondola, etc.

If you prefer comparatively quiet toys for your home, this would be more suitable than any other train sets on the market. Most of the time, you will hear wheels running over the track.

The sound is not steady

The train itself has no sound, but kids playing with make some noise. Moreover, the sound is not steady; it's barely audible.

Another exciting feature it includes is you can add tracks to make it larger. The popular HO Scale track sets are flexible, and you can customize them as you like. You can buy tracks in bulk, depending on how large you want.

Widely used additional track

The Bachmann E-Z track is a widely used additional track that avails switching the tracks and crossings available. If you love to have fast-moving train cars, Bachmann Trains are one of the best options in the market.

They run fast enough to jump the track. The interesting part is if you would like to run an older model Tyco train on this HO Scale track, you can.

One question people often ask, 

"does this train go in reverse?" – YES! You will get a controller switch. Just stop the forward motion and flip it to backward motion. To resume the forward motion, reverse the switch and take off to forward motion again.

Finally, anything electrical could be dangerous too. So, be careful about your kids. We recommend not to use it before 3.

  • Mighty EMD Diesel locomotive
  • Run faster than others
  • Can go in reverse
  • Allows additional tracks
  • Comparatively quiet and durable

04. DeXop Wooden Electric Train Set

41HosAB3EiL. SL500

Want to impress your little kid with an electric train set?

Well, then I got to find you a train that helps you make your kid excited and impressed. This wooden electric train set from kiddery toys brings 100% non-toxic and safe materials for kids.

Parents who are conscious enough about their children's health and safety may consider this one strongly. Premium quality wood with non-toxic paint makes it widely acceptable and reliable to parents.

What happens when you look for a toy with durability and aesthetic design? 

This is a rare combination. Well, this wooden train set comes with gorgeous color and design along with high-quality equipment.

In this modern era, everyone wants to grow up his/her child creative and productive. Without creativity and devising power, it gets tough to survive. This electrical train set will help your children to grow up with creativity and resolving power.

A full flavor of the railway train

Besides three cars, it provides a full flavor of the railway train. It includes buildings, cars, signs, and more. It has multiple layouts with intense colors.

This train set is more likely a 'learn with fun' set. You can teach your children about buildings, signs, colors, figurines, cars, and many other things with a simple train set. To grow them with a growth mindset, you can allow them to play interactive games with their little ones.

No extra battery is required

No extra battery is required for this wooden electric train set. When you purchase one, be sure it's 'wooden electric.' It moves on by its own operated AA battery. You will get a switch on top, which controls to go forward, stop, or reverse.

And, most interestingly, this train set is compatible with other brands. You are even allowed to use the electric Thomas train set on this too.

  • Premium quality wood and intense color
  • Non-toxic and 100% safe material
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Original gift idea
  • Multiple different layouts
  • A full flavor of railway train

05. Lionel Santa Fe Super Chief Electric O Gauge Model Train Set


If you want your kids to grow up with a competitive mindset, this train set can help you out. It is high time you should get this train set for your kids to improve their mental growth.

This train set provides a Santa Fe Super locomotive engine with two coach cars. It also includes an observation car. You can control this electric locomotive by LionChief or Bluetooth LionChief app.

An amazing train set

The interesting part about this amazing train set is you can have control over almost everything. From sound to the directional headlight, you can use them according to your wish.

In case of strength and durability, it is something out of your imagination. It includes two powerful maintenance-free motors along with operating couplers. There is no flexibility issue in this super chief electric train.

A lot of features

A lot of fascinating features this train set carries. The user-activated announcements and Flexible diaphragms between cars will definitely catch your eyes.

When I first see this train set, one thing in my mind came first, "is this a toy or something in real?" It may sound insane, but this train set is something more than this.

Don't buy just a random toy

This electric train will definitely give you something exceptional to experience. You won't buy just a random toy, but something way more than this.

If you would like to have more cars with this Santa Fe FT diesel locomotive, you can simply add extra passenger cars or others. This electric locomotive can easily pull extra multiple add-ons.

Does this train smoke?

One question I often get from all around the world, "does this train smoke?" – No. It doesn't smoke but it has its own fan-driven smoke units.

This set comes with an aesthetic design and intense color combination. The shells or bodies are made of plastics where the engine's inside part is made of metals. This is simply superb in design and durability.

A complete set

Overall, this is a complete set. Nothing is being missed. If you are on a budget, no need to look for other train sets; go and get this awesome set.

  • It has expansion packs and crossings
  • Great Lionel fast track
  • Inside the engine, it is fully metal. Outside is made of plastic
  • Lucrative design and durable
  • Doesn't come with smoke
  • user-activated announcements and Flexible diaphragms

06. Bachmann Trains - Pacific Flyer Ready To Run Electric Train Set - HO Scale


In our list of top electrical train sets, this pacific flyer comes at no 6. This fantastic train set comes with a steam locomotive along with an operating headlight. It also includes 2 rolling stock freight cars and a generic caboose.

A great option for someone under 8 years

If you want to buy a train set for someone under 8 years, this could be a great option. Though the manufacturers say 14+ age recommendation, but it is safe for kids under 8.

The reason behind this is its structure and easy maintenance process. An 8-year kid will be sufficient to play with the toy and to maintain it.

The point of safety and quality

Bachmann is always strict at the point of safety and quality. As this set is called "ready to run" – there is almost everything done to run it. If you want to add more tracks, I suggest getting the Bachmann E-Z Track Expander Set. This is easy to assemble and matches properly to the layout.

At this price, without any doubt, this is an unbelievable starter package. This is one of the best electric train set on the market right now. This train set will definitely amaze your children.

Lucrative design 

The core value it offers is its lucrative design and the best HO track on the market. It keeps cars on the track very smoothly.

In this train set, you can additionally add a smoke unit if you want. Therefore there is no smoke unit by default.

Crucial thing to mention

One more crucial thing to mention before you make the final buying decision- place the cars well on its track; otherwise, they can be derailed. People who have experienced derailment, they made mistakes to align the wheels right on track.

So be very careful about it before you run the train at the optimum speed.

  • Ready to run set
  • Attractive design
  • Available at an affordable price
  • It is durable and safe
  • Easy maintaining

07. Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Electric O Gauge Model Train Set

If your little kid is dreaming about an electrical train set in this summer, Lionel Pennsylvania Train set is a great option to bring some magic in his/her life.

This kit comes with three dome tank cars, a caboose, a FastTrack terminal section, and an advanced Bluetooth remote control locomotive system.

Control the kit remotely

If you want to control the kit remotely, you can. It has Bluetooth lionChief app. Making this experience more realistic it includes the RC sound system with steam chuffing and background sounds. Besides those features, you will get a user-activated whistle, bells, and announcements.

Moreover, if you would like to have puffing smoke, you can easily add chuffing sounds in synch with puffing smoke.

Offers many features

It offers operating couplers, metal handrails, and eye-catching ladders on tank cars among the rolling stock features. By its LionChief remote control system, you will be able to control forward and reverse speed knob.

There are three extra buttons for whistle sound, bell, and special announcements that require special AAA alkaline batteries. To control it over Bluetooth, you need to download its mobile control app.

Makes a chugging sound

The engine makes a chugging sound while running. It mostly depends on the speed. It is exciting and pleasing to hear for both adults and kids. If you don't want any sound, just switch off the whole sound system from the engine.

Additionally, this train set is designed with quality plastic and stainless steel. The wheels and axles are made of steels, and the outer side is made of plastics.

The combination of plastic and steel gives it an aesthetic dimension, no doubt.

Why doesn't my smoke work?

A common question that users ask "why doesn't my smoke work?" – It can happen for two reasons; airlock or run out of smoke fluid. Add smoke fluid; then, the smoke should be starting operation when the locomotive starts.

Or carefully blow down the chimney and clear if anything blocks the smoke. If you want to add extra tracks, go for Lionel track sets. They suit best with this train set.

  • It comes with exciting remote control and liquid smoke
  • It makes lovely smoke rings
  • Extra tracks can be added
  • Recommended age 10+
  • It is made of plastics and steels

What to Consider Before Purchasing the Perfect Electrical Train Set Toy?

Battery-powered vs. Electric train set toy

Now before you order an electric train set, you need to consider some facts and features to make sure you order the most suitable one. I have reviewed the top 7 best electric train set available on the market right now, but each one of them is not equally suitable for you.

While it is necessary to pick a good design train set to make your children happy, at the same time, you need to be very careful about their safety issues.

There are some factors you must consider before you make your final decision. Sit tight and be very attentive for the next 3 minutes.

1. Children age

Probably this is the most crucial factor one should focus on. If your kids are under 5, their choices and preferences would be different when they are above 10. Picking up the right toy according to their choice is important but ensuring safety is more important.

Before you order an electric train set, read their instructions carefully. You will get some recommendations regarding age and information about their components.

For instance, if your kids are on the younger side, like a toddler, you shouldn't pick a train set like Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer. This train set is recommended for children who are above 14 years old.

2. Battery-powered vs. electric

What to Consider Before Purchasing the Perfect Electrical Train Set Toy?

This is a common confusion among the buyers. But the solution to this confusion is simple. If your kids are younger and just want to snap together, then battery-powered is suitable. You know, electric toys are always serious. You don't know what's going to happen if your children are not aware of the proper usage of it.

At the same, time electric train sets are more powerful and enriched with more features. If you are still confused about it, think about your kids; if they are capable of handling an electric toy, buy them one.

3. Brand 

This is always a matter of fact. There are some brands in the toy industry which can satisfy your need sincerely. I have reviewed only those items which came from reputed brands and manufacturers.

What happens when you buy a branded product? They literally take all the responsibilities regarding your product.

4. Design

Design of Electric Train Sets

This is another important part that you cannot overlook. As you are dealing with your children, designs and colors will be crucial. While you are trying to amaze them with an electric train, there is no reason not to have a colorful and sophisticatedly designed one.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Question: What are model trains?

What are the Model trains?

Answer: model trains are simply the smaller version of the real trains. Most of the model trains are designed by following the same pattern of a real train. A lot of people are buying this type of model train to teach their children how the real train works and how it feels.

Question: What about the size?

Answer: it depends on the distance of two outer rails of the track. Here is a brief idea of O scale tracks:

  • Z scale = 6.5mm track gauge (width)
  • S scale = ⅞" track gauge
  • HO scale = 16.5mm track gauge
  • scale = 1 ¼” track gauge
  • G scale = 1 ¾" track gauge
  • N scale = 9.0mm track gauge

There are not many gift options that you can consider for your children or others. Electric train sets are undoubtedly great options for any kid who loves to play with toys.

I have tried to bring the ins and outs of every electric train set. To pick the best electric train sets for your children, please go through the electric train set reviews carefully. Good luck.

Lisa Henard

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