Top 10 Best Dove Foods Of 2022 (Reviewed And Guided)

Doves do enjoy a diverse selection of foods. As not everything we enjoy is good for our health, the same goes for your lovely dove. Therefore, you should feed them only nutritious foods like seeds, grains and vegetables. Foods without proper nutrition can drastically hamper their health.

A healthy diet means, the food contains vitamins, minerals and other necessary elements. Selecting a healthy dove food is a must for your dove’s healthy diet.

Who else doesn’t love to eat spicy and tasty food? Likely, most doves like to eat tasty seeds and grains, so it’s important to attract them to eat these healthy foods by delighting them with taste.

The amount of food and type depend on several factors including the bird’s age, size, and health. Don’t worry we covered everything up in this write-up.

Read on this article for the best dove food.

Top 3 Best Dove Foods from 10 Choices

Our Top 10 Best Dove Foods Review

Among the hundreds of options- if not thousands, it is never an easy task to bring the best options generally. Best-better or good depends on personal preference and certain situation.

Here we have assembled a list for the top-rated dove foods that seems to cover all types of requirements and criteria. Let’s dive deep into it.

01. Hagen Pigeon & Dove Staple Vme Seeds

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The specialty of The Hagen Pigeon & Dove Stable VME Seeds is that it comes up with a well-balanced dietary nutrition. You will never want your dove to miss the necessary vitamins and minerals and so does the staple VME seeds. This nutritious food is suitable for both pigeons and doves.

You Know What? 

You can feed The Hagen Seeds to both wild and captured birds. Remove your fear of hindering the rapid growth of your little dove by feeding this food. The growth is easily controllable by maintaining the amount of food given to the bird.

You want fresh foods every time you feed your dove. As this VME Seeds comes with a package of vacuum sealed bag, you don’t need to be tensed about the freshness of your food. The ingredients may last longer than you think.

A Notable Feature 

Another notable feature of this bag is that it can prevent the food from being overrun by insects and other pests. The surrounding dirt cannot bargain too because of that security and the food remains good in quality.

Doves Love to Eat Small Pieces

Do you know that pigeons and doves love to eat their food in small pieces? That’s why customers love split green peas and corns. These are smoothly digestible for their favorite pets.

You will find your desired split ingredients in The Staple VME Seeds.

  • Comes with a vacuum sealed bag
  • Security from insects & ensures freshness
  • Split pieces of corns and peas
  • Healthy Nutrition
  • Vitamins and minerals are highly available

02. Harrison’s Adult Lifetime Fine 1lb

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Harrison makes this bird food using a unique formula. The formula of Adult Lifetime Fine is to cover all small to medium-sized birds. If you are growing more than one type of birds, this is the best for you.

It Offers Chemical-free Ingredients

They use chemical-free ingredients to make The Adult Lifetime food. So, it will be easy for you to take good care of your pet’s health. The organic seal of the product gives you the highest quality.

Totally An Organic Food

Harrison’s Adult Lifetime is totally an organic food. They use intact and whole ingredients when following their formula. And, pet birds usually like whole organic foods.

For this reason, you need to be careful when providing this food to your feathered companion. 

If Your Pet Likes to Eat Much, 

then overeating can create a problem after that. To avoid this, the manufacturer provides a table or chart with the food. 

Always make sure to measure properly when making the food with the portions mentioned on the table.

People Like It for Other Birds

Customers like this same food for other birds as well as doves because of its versatile formula. Many customers buy it for their parrots too. And the result is positive. These birds also end up liking this food.

The Food is So Natural and Healthy; 

it doesn’t contain any preservatives or artificial colors. Additionally, the manufacturer doesn’t use any sweetener in this food to add flavors.

After all, you can pick this one if you don’t want any kind of harmful or unnecessary material in your pet’s food.

  • Suitable for small to medium-sized birds
  • No preservatives or fertilizers used
  • Only chemical-free ingredients
  • Provide much value for money
  • Enriched with healthy ingredients

03. Kaytee Supreme Daily Blend Dove Food

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Kaytee uses a high-quality food mix in this package. They use grains that contain proteins, oils, nutrients, and natural fibers to make the wholesome mix. The type of food your loved pet deserves is offered in this Kaytee product.

As you can see, the food is a mixture of all balanced ingredients; it will keep your dove in perfect shape. The food delivers all the necessary elements that your dove’s anatomy needs.

It is Hard to Digest

You may think that it is hard to digest by the reason of having many ingredients inside this food. But the reality is totally different. The bird’s anatomy works perfectly after getting all these ingredients.

So, there is no problem for your bird to ingest the food. Despite using the original mix of various healthy ingredients, it provides a simple but healthy diet.

The food is also tasty on account of ingredients’ variant tastes.

 Do You Want to Feed a Single Type of Food for A Long Time? 

The plan for Kaytee Supreme Daily Blend Dove Food is a year-round feeding. You will be able to give foods for weeks by purchasing a 5lb bag. It is free from any flavors, preservatives or colors.

Therefore, you can tell that it is free from all kinds of unhealthiness. The feedbacks from the customers are also positive. Many customers informed that their doves love this food.

Don’t Give the Feed in An Open Place

When you feed this food to your pet dove, don’t give him or her that in an open place. Some birds around your area, like finches, sparrows, etc., can come and finish the food.

Because, the seeds of this dove food will attract any bird from the species.

  • Includes the highest number of nutrients
  • Balanced quantity of elements
  • Natural ingredients
  • Free from artificial flavors, colors and preservatives
  • Single bag covers foods of weeks
  • Mixed necessary ingredients for any season

04. Hagen Pigeon & Dove Staple Vme Seeds

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If you want to make your favorite dove look gorgeous, this Hagen Dove Food is perfect for you. Many customers gave feedback that the feathers of their pet started to look really good visibly after feeding this formula to their pets.

The condition of the feedback shows that the formula is for healthy nutrition, which improves the health of a bird.

Do All Birds Like All Kinds of Seeds?

You know, some pet birds don’t like all kinds of seeds. If you give them any food, they pick particular seeds and ignore the rest. These Hagen Dove Seeds will assure you that your pet won’t dig through the seeds anymore. The doves are generally fond of this food.

 It's for a Balanced Diet and Proper Nutrition

The VME Seeds provide a balanced diet and proper nutrition. The vitamins and minerals of the food will keep both doves and pigeons healthy whether they are wild or captured.

Furthermore, the growth rate is very high when doves are consuming this food. It equally provides a balanced nutrition, thus a good body shape.

Do You Want to Know An Especial Feature about This Product? 

It is bagged with a vacuumed sealed bag. If you want a long lasting freshness of your food, you must come to this brand. The vacuum-sealed bag gives extra security, especially from all insects and bugs, including dirt.

The Hagen brand always tries to maintain the quality of the food. So, you can put your trust on this brand without any hesitation.

  • Well-balanced diet
  • Fast growth
  • Tasty food
  • The freshness of food lasts longer
  • Packaged with a highly secured bag
  • Easily ingestible

5. Morning Song Dove and Ground Feeding Food

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Seeing your pet dove happy can melt your heart. And, you will be extremely happy to know that The Morning Song Bird Food brings happiness to your lovely birds.

This food attracts the ground-feeding birds and makes them chirping. Healthy nutrition with a good taste does the job for the brand.

It's Enough for Your Birds

There is a lot in a 7-pound food bag. Take small amounts and sprinkle them on the ground. The doves will automatically eat the food when needed and sing happily in a cute, thin voice. This Ground Feeding Food attracts other birds like juncos, sparrows, quails, etc.

Anyway, remember not to exceed the limit of the daily food. Otherwise, excess food will become wastage.

Do You Use Table Feeders to Feed Your Birds? 

This Wild Bird Food is suitable for that type of use. You can serve the food using your table feeder and your pet birds will not get bored eating this food in that thing.

Morning Song uses black oil sunflower seeds in their poultry food. These seeds are high in protein. You should know that a protein-rich diet helps to make the feathers shiny and water-resistant.

Hence, the increased nutrients of these seeds help to gain some weight.

How are Other Used Ingredients?

Other used ingredients are white proso millet and red milo. Red milo is especially a favorite food for doves. So, it increases the probability that your dove will love the food.

On the other hand, the wet white proso millet is responsible for fungal and bacterial growth. This is the only disadvantage of white proso millet.

If you want a lot of red milo in your dove food, you can choose Morning Song 11974 Dove Food.

  • Attractive food for doves
  • Popular among many other birds
  • Table feeder friendly
  • Enriched with protein
  • Full of ingredients with various nutrients

06. Hagen Pigeon & Dove Staple Vme Seed

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The Hagen Seed is perfectly blended with high-quality seeds. It features a perfect balance of all the nutritional elements. You don’t need to think about your dove’s or pigeon’s dietary requirements.

The Hagen Food is also tasty to feed the pet birds. Reports from the customers express this tastiness of the food.

The report says that the doves never leave seeds in the feeder. They eat everything, keeping the surface clean.

All Ingredient is Available in The Hagen Mix

Almost every usual and typical ingredient is available in The Hagen Mix. Apart from this, it helps to prevent nutritional deficiencies by providing a vitamin supplement.

The Hagen Model uses a balanced supplement here to make sure that it is filled with every vitamin needed.

Vitamins and Minerals are Essential

Vitamins and minerals are essential for your dove’s growth. The Hagen Model ensures to come up with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Hence, your pet dove grows correctly and gets maximum protection from the diseases.

The seeds of Hagen Staple are air cleaned. After the air cleaning, they polish the seeds making it an appetizing seed mix. This whole cleaning process makes the seeds totally dust-free.

Take some seeds in your hands and get a close look at those seeds. You will get a clear knowledge on what actually dust-free the product is.

You Can Avoid the Full of Dust

So, the house of your pet bird and the feeder will not be full of dust. As a plus, it will save your bird from harmful specks of dust.

On top of that, they give the food package in a vacuum-sealed bag. You can easily keep your bird food for an extended period of time.

  • Balanced meal with high-quality seeds
  • Tasty food for doves
  • Balanced vitamin supplements
  • Strong growth rate
  • Maximum protection from diseases
  • Cleaned and polished seeds

07. Brown’s Dove, Pigeon and Quail Blend Bird Food

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The name of the product implies the uses of it. Brown’s Blend Bird Food is suitable for more than one type of birds. The food has variations for feeding to various birds, mainly targeted for doves, pigeons and quails. It has requisite nutrients for all these birds.

Birds Love Natural Foods. 

Brown’s Bird Food uses hundred percent natural and epicure ingredients. Popcorn, safflower seeds, oats, green peas, wheat, milo, red milo and more ingredients are present in this mix. This variety of seeds attracts several birds to the food in no time.

It's a Good Choice for An Extended Period Time

If you want to feed for an extended period time using a single formula, Brown’s Blend Food is an ideal option. Your birds will not get bored quickly as it has a large ingredient count.

The bag is packed with 5lb food. It is also available at a comparatively low price. You can buy it either you are new to petting birds or an experienced hobbyist.

This food blend is unique and contains the highest quality seeds and grains. It covers the nutrient requirements of doves, pigeons, and quails.

How Easy to Serve?

Generally you can serve this food on the ground or food dishes. Serving in platforms is common for this food. But the fact is, squirrels can eat from these types of feeders. So, make sure you live in a squirrel free area.

Otherwise, you need to invest in such a feeder which provides additional support of a squirrel-proof bird feeder.

Overall, this is one of the best dove food to consider. Even, if you’re about to start your journey here, you can put your trust on to this item.

  • Usability for more than one type of bird
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No allergens
  • A large number of ingredients in the mixture
  • 5% crude proteins
  • No preservatives and artificial colors

08. Vita Sunscript Dove Pigeon 5# – Sunscription

Sometimes Vita Sunscript Dove Pigeon is the ultimate food every one wants for their doves and pigeons. The blend of this food contains grains, seeds, and vegetables.

It Includes Vegetables

You will not find many food options for doves which includes vegetables. And, you clearly know that only seeds and grains cannot always fill the nutrient deficiencies.

As a result, vegetables-mixed food is sometimes highly required for your dove. Vita Sunscript is actually a very delicious food package combining all together.

When May Your Bird Face Problems?

If the food does not digest properly, your pet bird may face some problems. And, it is confirmed that this food does not have any digestive issues. This wonderful feature improves the overall health of your pet dove.

The skin becomes perfectly clean and the health of feathers increases with a shiny look.

Chelated Minerals Availability

Vitamins are in attendance here along with chelated minerals. Chelated minerals are made from combining them chemically with amino acids. This complexity of chelated minerals boosts the absorption of the minerals.

So, your bird will never feel a lack of minerals.

 Other Nutritional Components

Other nutritional components used in this food are probiotics and omega fatty acids. Probiotics provide health benefits when consumed. We know that omega fatty acid is an essential nutrient to prevent heart disease and keep balanced blood pressure.

All of these nutrients fill every specific nutritional requirement of your feathered friend.

Made in USA

You can rely on this product more as it is a USA made product. Sunseed tried to make it an all-in-one product with all necessary nutrients.

  • Vegetable mixed food
  • Delicious in taste
  • Better for skin and feather health
  • Easily digestive
  • Specific nutritional needs are filled

09. Nature’s Nuts Deluxe Dove & Quail Blend – 5lb

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The specialty of Nature’s Nuts Deluxe Dove Blend is that it contains rapeseeds and canary seeds. Rapeseeds or canola seeds are oil-rich seeds with consumable amounts of erucic acid.

 Is This Acid Nutritious for Doves?

This acid is a very nutritious element for doves. Secondly, canary seeds are very high in protein and gluten-free. They contain high amounts of tryptophan which is a vital amino acid for health.

These seeds produce bioactive peptides that actively work as antihypertensive, antidiabetic, and antioxidant for your birds.

Other components available in this food are cracked corn, wheat, safflower seed, and white millet.

It Attracts More Birds

Nature’s Nuts Deluxe Blend attracts more birds. For example, house finches also love this food. The feedbacks from the consumers are also mostly positive.

The food is famous not only for doves but also among the people who have quails.

It Comes in A Manageable Size

Nature’s Nuts Blend comes in a manageable size. One bag contains 5lbs of food. You can store the food easily. There is a ziplock for closure in the bag.

Plus, people like to serve the food by scattering them on the ground. And doves won’t run out without eating the food.

It Has 80% Protein

The Nature’s Nut deluxe Food contains 80% protein. That’s why it is consumable by both adult and baby birds.

You can buy this food to satisfy your birds surely.

  • Various nutritious seeds
  • High in protein with 80% protein
  • Attracts many types of birds
  • Zip-lock feature in the bag
  • Suitable for adult or baby birds

10.Volkman Western Dove and Quail Wildbird Mix 4lb

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This is the last dove food we’ve added on our list. Let’s talk about this product. You will see this food mix usually in pet supply stores. Because, the formula of Volkman Western Dove and Quail Mix is for all western wild birds.

The ingredients inside this mix are safflower seeds, oat groats, re-cleaned hard wheat, small crack corn, re-cleaned white and red milo, red and white proso millet, etc.

 It Contains Crude Proteins

Crude protein has an excellent value for bird foods. In a similar manner, Volkman Western Wildbird Mix has more than 10% crude protein. Additionally, more than 3% crude fat and less than 5.70% crude fiber have made this food a completely balanced mix.

There is also ash measured less than 2.90% in this food. So, you can count it as a healthy diet with no doubt.

Is It the Best Product?

Many customers reported it as an excellent product. The reason is explained in later discussion.

You have already known that some birds like to pick the favorite seeds from the food and the rest becomes wastage. If you are not sure about the authenticity of this product, then buy this food and feed it to your dove. It is guaranteed that your dove will love the food without picking through it.

Almost every dove loves the whole food of this formula and setup of the seeds.

Everybody wants fresh foods, right? 

Volkman Western Mix provides fresh quality seeds in the mixture. The smell of this product will tell you all about the freshness.

And, you also know that beautiful smell attracts the pet birds immensely to have some food.

  • Popular for pet supply stores
  • Balanced nutrients including crude protein, fat, and fiber
  • Suitable for picky birds
  • Fresh and quality seeds
  • Increased attraction for the beautiful smell

How to Choose the Best Dove Foods?

There are few things to keep in mind when you are deciding to purchase the best dove food for your feathered partner.

How to Choose the Best Dove Foods?

01. Age

When you are going to buy dove food, you will have to consider the age of your pet dove. Manufacturers follow different formulas to create the mixtures of different dove foods. They use some formulas for adult doves, and some others for babies. 

You cannot give adult formulated food to your baby dove. It may damage the health instead of improvement. In this way, food mix made for babies will not fulfill the needs of adult doves.

You must know that there is a specific nutritional need for your pet dove based on his/her age. Look for the specifications part of a dove food. You will find all information about these things.

So, match with your needs and choose the product which fits the most for your pet dove.

02. Ingredients

It is always a good idea to check the ingredients when buying a dove food. Many experts have confirmed us that the doves need a good source of protein. There are different seeds which are high in protein. Look for these seeds in your chosen food.

In addition to that, you need to look at the level of carbs too. Because a minimum level of carbs is required to keep a balanced strength. Moreover, too much carbs can create trouble in digesting process.

The size of the seeds is another important element to consider. Because different types and sizes of ingredients can change the entire standing of the food. All birds don’t like tiny seeds.

Observe your dove carefully and see what size he/she likes. Giving your doves the perfect-sized seeds can be a great piece of aid to them.

03. Nutritional Needs

Certain doves have their certain nutritional needs according to their health condition, age, and size. Some nutritional ingredients help to lose weight where some try to maximize it.

Maximum dove foods is provided with a proper diet so that your dove’s health stays stable. If you choose a product with a proper nutritional diet, it can give your favorite dove a gleaming look.

04. Artificial materials

Do you need artificial elements or not? First, be sure your need. Your dove bird perhaps likes to eat specific flavor, or he/she likes a specific color in his/her food. In such cases, you can buy foods with such materials without exceeding the consumable extent.

Artificial materials for dove

But always remember that, anything artificial does not always bring good to your pet. Artificial colors or flavors are not necessary to attract every dove to food. Preservatives are also unnecessary elements in a food package.

So, always try to ignore the foods that contain these types of artificial and harmful materials. Sometimes, these materials can cause several health problems and make your bird upset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few commonly questions that people used to ask about dove foods. You can skip this section if you got enough on this. Or please do otherwise.

01. What kind of food should I feed my pet dove?

You should feed such food that maintains a balanced diet. Many types of seeds, grains and vegetables are primarily used for making dove food. The food mix formula, which uses other supplements containing vitamins and minerals, can be a brilliant choice for your most-loved dove.

02. Should I include extra vitamins, minerals or amino acids in the diet?

The foods mentioned above provide a healthy amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. So, you don’t need to worry about this. Just choose the package according to the age and needs.

03. Is it hard to maintain a nutritional diet?

No, it isn’t. All of these foods include almost every necessary nutrient for a dove’s diet. Feeding the proper amount in proper time is the actual challenge for you.

04. Why should I buy these foods?

Why should I buy these foods?

All of these foods are from reputed brands and they make dove foods by maintaining the particular requirements of different doves. If you want a healthy diet for your dove, you should buy such foods.

Anyways, foods from a certified food brand are totally trustable.

Dove Foods Comparison Chart



Bag Size

Feeding Birds


Hagen Vme Seeds


6 pounds

Wild/Captive Doves, Pigeons

Balanced Dietary Nutrition

Harrison’s Adult Lifetime

Harrison’s Bird Foods

1 lb

Small to Medium Birds

Certified Organic Formula

Kaytee Daily Blend


5 lbs


No Artificial Components

Hagen Staple Seeds


3 pounds

Wild/Captive Doves, Pigeons

Balanced Dietary Nutrition

Morning Song Wild

Morning Song

7 pounds

Ground-Feeding Birds

Much Red Milo

Hagen Staple Vme


25 pounds

Doves, Pigeons

Balanced Vitamin Supplement

Brown’s Blend Food

F.M. Brown’s

5 lbs

Doves, Pigeons, Quails

Year-Round Feeding

Sunseed’s Vita Sunscript


1 pound

Doves, Pigeons

Nutritionally Fortified Diet

Nature’s Nuts Deluxe

Nature’s Nuts

5 lbs

Doves, Quails

Strongly Attracts Birds

Volkman Western Mix


4 lbs

Western Wild Birds

Picky Bird-Friendly

Final Word

In case your dove has certain health concerns and you are not sure about the product you should choose, you won’t be able to take a decision alone. Discuss with a veterinarian around you to make sure your dove is getting everything he/she needs.

This way, your dove will get the best product, which suits him/her the most. And remember that, only feeding the best dove food is not enough for good health. You must take good care of your favorite dove with lots of love and affection.

I hope this article will truly help you to choose the best dove meal from the list. Good Luck!

Helen Jenkins

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