Top 12 Best Bluebird House Of 2022 (Reviewed And Guided)

If you haven’t experienced watching the beautiful and exotic baby birds fledge, fly, play, and feed, then life hasn’t been colorful enough. For, there’s nothing like taking careful steps toward the birdhouse with your kids only to watch the cute bird doing its thing inside the house.

Now, who said you have to miss out on this breathtaking experience for the rest of your life? Next time the wind drops down its chilliness and the sun starts to make its presence known at the end of January, gear up for fun. We are talking about buying the best bluebird house the market has to offer.

And that purchase can take place now. With the reviews of the most fantastic houses out there, we are here to help you find that dream house for your future guests. Check it out.

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Top 3 Best Bluebird House from Our 12 Choices

Our Top 12 Best Bluebird House Review

It’s been a wonderful experience studying the houses for the little inhabitants. We hope that you will feel the same after getting to know about them in a while.

01. Woodlink Wooden Bluebird House - Model BB1

The best bluebird house out there for those adorable creatures is this. Yes, this model is beautifully designed so that the pure species doesn’t feel any sort of discomfort. And when you are limiting the freedom of that fascinating wonder of nature, you want the house to be designed with an attractive opening.

Perfect front

Also, the house has just that perfect front for not only the bird to feel home but also to make the maintenance fun for you. The USA-made product also has some of the most exquisite materials that went into building it.

While the red cedar makes it pretty, the fact that it's dried and reforested gives it a strong build.

Now, is the hole perfectly sized? 

You bet. The 1/2 –inch hole is just spacious enough for the miniature beauty and compact enough so that rainwater doesn't interrupt with its sweet slumber. I want to praise the air ventilator too.

At ½ inch, it will make the room inside warm enough in a spring afternoon.

How easy to clean?

What’s more, there’s a drain hole included in the house for the convenience of cleaning. And the way the front of the house slides down is way too cool. You will find that it opens so delicately that the birds do not feel disturbed at all.

Therefore, it doesn’t complain when you want to make the house clean and nice. And the house will repel insects and withstand weather just right, thanks to the rust-resistant zinc chromate screws.

An issue 

Now, only if one user didn't find the product to be made in China, and the material wasn't bamboo instead of wood. For another one, the wood split immediately. And another user thought it to be poorly made.

  • Perfect front for the bird to feel home and to make the maintenance fun
  • Most exquisite material went into building; red cedar
  • The 1/2 –inch hole is just spacious enough for the miniature beauty
  • At ½ inch, the air ventilator will make the room inside warm
  • A drain hole included in the house for the convenience of cleaning

02. Nature's Way CWH3 Cedar Bluebird Box House


I love those birdhouses with extra doors for cleaning purposes. And here I am reviewing one of them. The item is perfectly resistant to insects. Therefore, the bird will remain healthy and safe, alright. And you will also find it resistant to rots.

Therefore, it might be the solution to your problem in a rather damp area.

The Water-resistant

Another worth mentioning feature is the water-resistant protective stain it comes with. It will keep the house protected from wetness. Thus, the lovely creature will be cozy even if it’s a rainy season.

Moreover, manufacturers have made this house rust-resistant to provide added durability.

Now, worried about the bird being harmed by an invader? 

Well, be so no more. For, there’s a predator hole in place so that no one unwelcome gains entrance inside. It extends nicely to the entrance hole to protect the fragile creature.

What's more, you will have the freedom to choose between two types of installations. These are flush mount and pole mount.

Optimal air flow 

So, there's a touch of versatility. I am also impressed with the air vents that allow optimal air flowing so that the bird isn’t weak from too cold or exhausted from the heat.

And it's nice to have the vents located on the floors. This way, the bird can have a feeling of being under the blue sky, letting loose its feathery little wings.

The Craftsmanship 

Now, one user wasn't happy with the craftsmanship. He found the hole smaller than required. Another user found the inside of the house soaking wet.

Also, multiple users found the quality control to be sloppy. Cracked clean out door, chipped door, etc. made them unhappy.

  • Perfectly resistant to insects, rust, and rots
  • Water-resistant protective stain keeps the house protected from wetness
  • A predator hole in place so that no one unwelcome gains entrance inside
  • Freedom of choosing between two types of installations
  • Air vents that allow optimal air flowing

03. Perky-Pet 50301 Wren Home, white,7L x 8W ins.


Here's another beautiful birdhouse to present your dear creature with. The house is excellently resistant to weather. So, even if it’s a stormy night, the little thing shouldn’t feel any fear. I am also excited to talk about the insect repelling capacity of the house.

So, there are no more funny businesses by the maggots.

Wonderful features

Among other wonderful features are the perfect tall walls of the house. At 6.5 inches, they will give the bird enough space to stretch and play.

And how nice is the hole? 

Well, at 1.5 inches, it's perfect. The bird will have the swiftest entry without getting hurt ever. Now, an interesting feature is a rope. You will be glad to know that with this little thing, you can hang the house.

So, it will allow the bird to enjoy the feeling of a treehouse. I am also pleased with the roof of this house. 

Dutch-style design

The Dutch-style design gives it a nice natural vibe. Moreover, the choice of non-endangered timber seems to be very proper for a birdhouse of this sort.

And at about one and a half pounds, this thing is lightweight to carry from one place to another.

Quality control

As for drawbacks, a couple of users were disappointed with the quality control. While one’s house was lacking any hole, the other one found the carpentry sloppy and the roof incomplete.

For a few other users, the houses arrived broken. They had to return them.

  • Excellently resistant to weather
  • Perfectly tall walls at 6.5 inches
  • A rope to hang the house
  • Sturdy roof; the Dutch style design gives it a natural vibe
  • At 1.5 inches, the hole offers the bird the swiftest entry

04. Audubon Coppertop Cedar Wood Bluebird House Model NACOPBB

It’s time we reviewed a house with the involvement of metals. Yes, the next item on the list comes with a copper rooftop. So, if there was any worry lurking inside your head, you should throw it out.

I also love the choice of natural cedar. This material will make the bird feel at home.

The Craftsmanship

Another thing that should assure you is the craftsmanship. We've seen products with poor craftsmanship at times. But with this model, there's not a chance.

This USA-made house is purely handcrafted to provide you with the desired durability.

Another feature

There’s another feature I want to talk about, and it is the hole. It's not only nicely sized but also reinforced with a predator guard. So, cats, raccoons, or whatever harmful thing, steer clear!

And you know how much it means to have protective features when you are dealing with vulnerable lovely baby birds.

Now, will the maintenance give you a sweat? 

Not at all; the front is nicely designed to open up for giving way to easy cleaning. Thus, you can quickly make the house decent and neat once the adorable thing is out there, enjoying the fresh air.

However, one user found the opening to be a bit "awkward" while monitoring. For another user, the house lacked a fledgling ladder, and the predator guard was damaged.

Missing eggs 

Also, one user suffered from missing eggs! And another one found the back piece crooked, wood dinged, and the copper roof bent.

  • Involvement of metals; a copper rooftop
  • Natural cedar will make the bird feel at home
  • Purely handcrafted to provide you with the desired durability
  • The hole is not only nicely sized but also reinforced with a predator guard
  • The front is nicely designed to open up for giving way to easy cleaning

05. Kimdio Bird House, Winter Bird House for Outside Hanging, Grass Handwoven Bird Nest


The first time I gazed upon this fine piece of work, I was kind of astonished. It took me a few moments to realize that this is a commercial product rather than a natural birdhouse made by birds.

Too exotic – this is how I would describe it.

Now, what’s the material? 

It is hibiscus grass – a special kind of dried natural grass. And the house will pass the test of time. What’s also worth noting is that it’s completely hand-woven. If you have a notion that it won’t hold on for long, then you are being mistaken.

The last thing this house will do is come apart.

Now, what’s the wisdom behind the nest style design? 

Well, I think it has to do with ventilation, coziness, a home-like feeling, and a lot of fun! And the house is big, with a spacious bottom. The way the fibers are tied together, the house will have excellent stability.

It will also withstand rough weather and high temperature. Also, there’s a hemp rope in place to help you with the hanging of the house.

Manufacturer's suggest

Moreover, the manufacturers suggest that you add some grass when it’s cold for extra comfort and warmth. Now, as for drawbacks, a couple of users experienced odor coming from the house.

Another customer thought that it wouldn’t be durable.

  • A special kind of dried natural grass to give it a forest-look
  • Completely hand-woven to pass the test of time
  • Nest style house for ventilation, coziness, and home-like feeling
  • The fibers are tied together so that the house has excellent stability

06. Bird House - Bluebird, Finch, Wren, Chickadee, Tree Swallow Bird, Wild Birds


Here's another birdhouse with a handsome appearance. The model comes with a perfect weather-resistant build and design. Also, the front door will open smoothly when you feel the need for cleaning.

And it's considered a privilege when you get away with cleaning a birdhouse without breaking a sweat.

Comfortable house

Now, what I find extremely cool is that not only the hummingbirds will find the house comfortable, but other wild ones will do too. That’s why if versatility is something you crave for, then this could be the house for you.

I am also impressed with the incredible mounting hardware. They save you the day.

How easy to install?

What’s also worth mentioning is the easy installation of the unit. With the included screws, kids can do it. And the screws are weatherproof. You will also find instructions in the package so that the setup is perfect.

Moreover, no preservatives or finishes went into production. So, it's eco-friendly.

Beautiful and strong

I am also counting on the material used in this. Nothing can beat red cedar when it comes to blue birdhouses. And when people make such a house with nothing but hands,

well, it's going to be fascinatingly beautiful and strong.

The Choice of cedar

Although we were excited about the choice of cedar, one user thought that it was the wrong material for a blue birdhouse.

Another customer thought that the house wouldn't withstand hot temperatures. Also, it was too narrow for another user.

  • Perfect weather-resistant build and design
  • The front door will open smoothly when you feel the need to cleaning
  • Split pieces of corns and peas
  • Easy installation of the unit with the included screws
  • Instructions in the package so that the setup is perfect

07. Woodlink NABB Audubon Cedar Bluebird House


The next product on the list comes with a simple yet elegant design. And the best thing about this house is that it’s super easy to clean.

Thanks to the convenient design, once the miniature beauty is out to enjoy some fresh air, you can be ultra-quick in cleaning the house.

Natural cedar

What's also lovely is the choice of natural cedar. You would be surprised to see how bluebirds love such material in their houses. Well, why shouldn’t they when the house will withstand extreme temperatures, heavy winds, and rain?

Moreover, you won’t have to freak out upon finding insects. It resists them.

The latch

Another feature I want to mention is the latch. It’s cute and opens too smoothly. So, keeping the door shut shouldn’t be a matter of concern anymore. What’s more, the color of the cedar is purely exceptional. It feels homely.

Now, what about ventilation? 

Well, you will be glad to find the perfect ventilation area in the upper part of the house. And the hole comes with an appropriate measurement at 1.5 inches. 

However, it would’ve been nicer if the tag wasn’t located in the front, and air gun staples weren’t used. For, the tag reduces the beauty of the house while the staples dent the wood at times.

And for one user, the predrilled holes weren’t matching the mounting pole.

  • Super easy to clean, thanks to the convenient design
  • Natural cedar; something the birds are fond of
  • Withstands extreme temperatures, heavy winds, and rain
  • The latch is cute and opens too smoothly
  • Perfect ventilation area on the upper part of the house

08. Cedarnest Bluebird Birdhouse, Front Opening Wall Mount Wood Bird House, 4 Count

41nd y96L+L

Are you looking for a bigger option for multiple birds? Then you are in the right place. We are jumping from one house to four houses this time. And when I tell you that the textures and colors have variation in these houses, you are welcome to feel ecstatic.

Different looks

Yes, when you watch them from far, you don’t get it. But upon nearing, they look different. Moreover, it’s brilliant how the houses have rough surfaces.

The wisdom behind such construction is that the bluebirds love roughness on the floor. And the little creature can hold onto the ground better this way.

The predator guard

I am also counting on the predator guard. It will keep the cats on the bay. Thus, you can have peace of mind knowing that the precious lives are safe inside the homes.

Let me also tell you that maintenance is going to be fun. Yes, check out the wood first, then the easy-to-open front, and tell me if I’m wrong.

Now, will insects gain access inside the house? 

By no means, thanks to the strong wood that is weather and insect – resistant. Also, such wood isn't known to decay. Moreover, the holes are perfect in size, and the houses are nicely vented.

However, one user found the wood to be cheap and not properly finished. He had to use sandpaper to keep the birds from harm's way.

The wood cracking 

Another customer found the wood cracking and the screws rusting. Also, one user found huge gaps on both sides of the front panel that will give way to rainwater.

  • The textures and colors have variation in these houses
  • The rough surface so that the bird can hold onto the ground better
  • Predator guard keeps the cats on the bay
  • Strong wood with an easy-to-open front
  • The holes are perfect in size, and the houses are nicely vented

09. Heath Outdoor Products B-2-2 Bluebird House, 8'' x 5'' x 11'', Wood


Here's another well-designed birdhouse for your bluebird's liking. The best thing about this house is the cedar used in making it. Yes, you will find it resisting the weather impressively.

The miniature form of life is already as fragile as it is. And to protect it during rough weather, the cedar does the job neatly.

The front panel

What’s also convenient is the front panel. If it wasn’t easy to open, you don’t want to know how difficult the cleaning would become. But thanks to the design brilliance, you can open it ever so smoothly to steal a peek at the cute birds and clean the house easily.

Mounting screw

I am also pleased with the included mounting screw. It might not seem like a big plus at first, but the absence of it could mean an extra visit to the store or web. And the fact that the house is perfect for pole-mounting is very impressive.

Also, the entrance hole comes with an appropriate size for the bird to hop in.

Simple design

Moreover, you will find the box neatly stapled throughout without leaving any gaps in the seam. And the simplicity of the design makes the bird feel more home and less caged.

What’s also worth mentioning is the ventilation. The gaps will do more than fine in keeping the house vented.

The quality control

However, one user was disappointed with the quality control. He found the roof to be low-quality. Another one thought that the house should’ve been bigger.

Also, one customer couldn’t find an easy way to open the front panel. And there was one other user who thought of the hole to be a bit small.

  • Cedar resists weather impressively
  • The front panel opens easily for you to steal a peek
  • The box is neatly stapled throughout without leaving any gap in the seam
  • Included mounting screw for easy installation
  • The entrance hole comes with appropriate size for the bird to hop in

10. Nature's Way Bird Products CWH4 Cedar Bluebird Viewing House


The next product on the list comes with a perfect window that is resistant to cracks. So, while the cute resident of the house is sleeping, no one will prevent you from stealing a glance.

Also, such a window will provide a secure living for the bird. Moreover, the house has both types of mounting capacity; pole and flush.

Hardware store

I love the fact that you don’t have to run to a hardware store to mount the house. For, all the installation components are included in the package. You should also check out the hardware that will give no way to rust.

What’s more, you will find the vents to be smartly located.

Impressive design

Vents on the floor make the impressive design – something that the designers have chosen to go with. And the other vents are in the wall so that the little one can appreciate a bit of autumn wind blowing toward the south.

I am also counting on the doors. They will open smoothly in times of cleaning.

The protective stain 

Another awesome feature is the protective stain the cedar has. Although the cedar is of good quality, manufacturers wanted it to be more dashing by adding the stain.

You may love the predator guard too. It will prevent the pet of your neighbor from having any bright idea.

A western bluebird

Now, one buyer found the house to be too small for a western bluebird or a mountain one. He stated that the model would be suitable for the eastern ones only. Another user was unhappy with two issues.

One was that the house got swollen when rain poured down. And the other - the roof panel split.

  • Both types of mounting capacity; pole and flush
  • All the installation components are included in the package
  • Vents on the floor make an impressive design
  • Protective stain on the cedar
  • Predator guard prevents the pets from attacking

11. Wild Wings WWCH3 Cedar Blue Bird Box House


Here's a beautiful birdhouse for the bluebird to admire. It comes with excellent resistance against rot and insect. Thanks to the good quality of the cedar, the little bird will be cozy and secure inside.

I also want to talk about the predator guard. It’s designed so nicely that the raccoon won’t even dare to come close.

The front panel

You should also check out the front panel. It comes with a nicely designed latch, which keeps it perfectly shut. And once you turn the latch, the door opens ever so swiftly.

It’s a joy to maneuver such a front panel. So, when it’s time for cleaning, you won’t have to worry a bit.

Ventilation system

Another interesting thing is ventilation. While many of the birdhouses come vented on top, this one has vents on the floor and walls. And the little resident seems to be overwhelmed with happiness upon this design brilliance.

I am also pleased with the roof of this house. The color seems attractive, and the design brilliant yet again. And this might be one of the reasons that the house will attract a few different species other than bluebirds.

Meshed floor anticipation 

Now, one user was anticipating a meshed floor and was disappointed when there wasn’t one. Another customer was also looking forward to a screened floor and was let down.

It seems like the description of the product was a bit misleading. So, make sure you check whether this feature is included or not.

  • Excellent resistance against rot and insect
  • A nicely designed latch keeps the front panel perfectly shut
  • Vents on floor and walls
  • Wonderful finish with a beautiful roof
  • The front panel opens easily at the time of cleaning and monitoring

12. Glitzhome 11.93" H Hanging Distressed Wooden Garden Bird House, Green


You will be excused if you want to scold us for putting the most beautiful birdhouse at the bottom of the list. Yes, it truly is a serene beauty.

The colors, the minor details – everything screams tranquility. And there’s no way that the young bird won't adore the cute hole in the front.

The choice of metal

I love the choice of metal along with natural wood as the building materials of this fine piece of work. What’s more, the wooden planks are prettily painted and, at the same time, chipped.

And what does the metal do? 

Well, what it does best – it strengthens the roof. The house will be protected from rain, alright. And I am also impressed with the ring included in the house. It will come in handy at the time of installation.

All you need is a hook or rope, and the ring will do the rest in hanging the house.

Mind-blowing back panel

What’s also mind-blowing is the back panel. It’s concealed! The little inhabitant will have no idea about how you approached to clean the house. So, clean-up will be done in a jiffy.

Also, the house comes with the most appropriate measurements, be it the hole, the height, or the back panel.

Quality of construction

Now, one user thought that the house lacked the quality of construction. He thought of it to be nothing more than a decoration. Another customer would've liked the hole to be a bit bigger.

Other than these minor issues, this will be an absolute delight to watch while it hangs from that tree in the garden.

  • The most beautiful birdhouse!
  • Metal along with natural wood as the building materials
  • Wooden planks are prettily painted and, at the same time, chipped
  • The included ring will come in handy at the time of installation
  • The back panel is concealed

What to Look before Buying Bluebird House?

What to Look before Purchasing Bluebird House

You shouldn’t leave any stone unturned regarding the choice of the right product. Yes, no important factors should slip out of your mind. This way, you can make the admirable inhabitants love the home and stay there for a considerable period.

The birding is fun and choosing the house too. Read on.

1. Spacious House

The most important factor is the measurement of the house. We've seen that customers are willing to settle down for anything but a small house.

I mean, it doesn’t make any sense to spend bucks on this house, wait patiently for the bird to settle in, and then you suffocate it.

No, the house should provide ample space first. Then you can dream of a happy birding experience.

So, how big the house needs to be? Well, I wouldn’t mind leaving that to estimations done by the eyes. When you feel it’s spacious, then it is.

2. Big Hole

If the bird in any way feels that the hole is too tiny and it will get hurt in the process of entering the house, you can forget about making it love the house. And it’s a shame that some of the houses out there come with this disadvantage – a too tiny hole; a shame, because every other feature was perfect.

So, what would be the ideal measurement? 

Well, I wouldn't settle down for anything measuring less than 1 and a half-inch. And if they can give me 2 inches, then we become buddies!

So, do not buy a house with an inadequately wide hole.

3. Tough House

Tough Bluebird House

The material needs to withstand weather, water, wind, rust, rot, insect, and whatnot. You cannot compromise the fragile creature. And for that, you go to the extremes of length to make sure the house isn’t a fragile one itself.

Cedar can be a good choice. Also, a little involvement of metals, and we are talking business! Also, natural wood isn’t bad either.

And if the manufacturers want to be creative and choose any other materials, then make sure they are getting your point straight – no buying any fancy poorly constructed house.

4. Vents 

Vents will play an important role in making the bird feel cozy inside the house. So, look for a house that comes with sufficient vents.

It doesn’t matter whether they are on the top, bottom, or floor; as long as they are included, you are game.

5. Predator Guard

Predator Guard of Bluebird House

Yes, the hole should be surrounded by a predator guard. And it should extend to the entrance. This is even more important when you are raising pets inside your house, or the neighbors are doing so.

It’s not okay to be attacked while you are enjoying a good afternoon nap. Yeah, bluebirds can also take those naps only if you can protect it with this valuable feature.

And the best bluebird house will certainly have it.

How to Clean and Maintain Bluebird House?

Cleaning a bluebird house can be challenging and, at the same time, fun. The fun part will be the dominating one if the house is convenient in terms of the front panel or clean-out door.

So, here’s how you should do the job easily.

How to Clean and Maintain Bluebird House?

Step 1: Make Good Timing

You see, bluebirds can be moody at times. And no one is okay with people's barging in their houses anytime they feel like, right? Therefore, you should wait patiently for the bird to go out on a little sightseeing.

When it does, you invade the house in stealth mode with all the cleaning materials, and the battle starts!

Step 2: Scrub and Scrub

Yeah, now you want to get finished before the bird comes back and becomes upset. And one more thing, don’t even think of scrubbing without removing the nesting materials first.

So, scrub gently. And using a stiff brush would be the way to go.

Step 3: Scrape off the Waste

This isn’t compulsory. However, the bird would be delighted when it comes back if it sees that the waste has magically vanished!

So, scrape the dried waste off.

Step 4: Dump the Nesting Materials

Now, here’s the deal, you dump them nearby, and the predators find about their prey. And you don’t want to know what happens next. An empty house with stolen eggs is what comes next, and that isn’t the worst-case scenario.

So, do this – dump the materials in a far place to confuse the predators.

FAQs about the Bluebird House

Below are the most commonly asked queries regarding bluebird houses:

FAQs about the Bluebird House

Q. What direction should the bluebird house face?

Answer: Mostly, the birds like the east-facing houses. But there are always those birds that are special in terms of every choice.

So, you will have to figure that out once you’ve tried to convince the bird to move in.

Q. What’s the time the bluebirds usually stay in?

Answer: It's the night time they are comfier inside than the outside.

Q. When should I clean out the nesting materials?

Answer: The most suitable time to clean them out would be the period between broods. So, clean out the house after the breeding season is done with. Get rid of the nesting materials then.

Q. What happens to the nest after fledging?

Answer: Like a child who learns to walk for the first time, the baby bluebirds also never want to sit down. Yes, the cute ones are always busy learning how to fly, play, and eat.

So, the poor nest stays void most of the time.

Q. What’s the usual season when the bluebirds are attracted to the house?

Answer: Well, the season between February and April is the best time for setting up that house. For, this is when the bluebirds are in quest of finding comfortable nesting sites.

Final Words

No matter how deep you look into the market, the products we’ve just talked about will still come out as the best bluebird houses available. So, if you are nervous about making that buying decision, don’t be. None of these beautiful houses will let you down.

Also, you can check out the comparison chart we've included in the article to make sure you are getting the desired features in the chosen option.

Moreover, going through the highlighted features one last time should help you seal the deal.

Helen Jenkins

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